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Article: The Max Mara Teddy Coat: 10 years of an icon

The Max Mara Teddy Coat: 10 years of an icon

This year, the Max Mara Teddy coat is celebrating its birthday. Among the iconic coats of the Italian brand, the Teddy has symbolised the fusion of the brand's most famous garment with the cosiest fabric. The result? A coat that has travelled the world, gracing the closets of celebrities, influencers, and fashion bloggers worldwide.


Max Mara Teddy coat: the new era of the brand

Its success was something Ian Griffiths seemed to anticipate. Opening his February 2013 fashion show with then Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Ashleigh Good, he appeared to inaugurate a new era for the brand. Since then, the model (originally in camel tone) has been redesigned in every colour of the palette, from pinks and blues to the most passionate reds.

However, true to the soul of Max Mara clothing, the most successful model has been the classic Max Mara Teddy coat in camel tone. The colour is the key shade of Max Mara, symbolising timelessness and discreet elegance.

The rebirth of an industry

What few people know is that this coat managed to breathe life into a declining industry. The German teddy bear industry was in freefall due to a drop in demand for teddy bears and a shift in production. The fabric that gives the coat its name (Teddy from Teddy Bear or teddy bear) managed to revive part of this industry in Germany, once again emphasising the significant craftsmanship and labour value that underpins high fashion.

The campaign for the new Teddy is led by Mariacarla Boscono (another icon of Italian fashion). In its trajectory, style influencers like Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Carine Roitfeld, or Elsa Hosk have strolled the streets of the world wearing the garment that emulates the warmth of home in one piece.

The oversized design and cocoon silhouette aim to emulate a hug, evoking that feeling of embracing our favourite teddy bear from childhood. Nostalgia is a key component of the success of this coat, not to mention its extreme comfort.

Pure Italian luxury

Max Mara was founded in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti. It stands out internationally for its timeless elegance, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Its most famous garments are its luxury coats with their own names (such as the Manuela or the Pauline).

Its most well-known silhouette is the Max Mara 101801, launched in 1981. The elegance of this simple coat captivated the world from the very beginning. Its simplicity appealed to women with a more minimalist style, as well as to those with more vibrant styles due to its easy combination with any outfit. Its meticulous attention to detail and the artisanal dedication of its productions have built Max Mara's reputation.

The purity and diversity of its collections have allowed the brand to live in constant success, regardless of the era or trends. Max Mara has always been synonymous with the purest Italian luxury. Neutral palettes, exclusive qualities, and universal designs have managed to conquer the entire world of fashion.


The celebration of its famous Teddy coat has taken the famous fabric through pop-ups and stores around the world. The coat has become a discreet icon, reaching every corner of the world thanks to a highly functional design.

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