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Article: The art of gift giving

The art of gift giving

As the end of the year approaches, the frenzy to find the perfect gift begins. As we've discussed in previous instalments, the perfect gift holds meaning. Both the language of perfumes and home decor. A good gift consists of several phases, the first being active listening to our recipient. Have they complained about the absence of something in their home or wardrobe? Have they shown particular interest lately in a style they're hesitant to explore on their own?

The diversity in our Gift Guide collection provides reassurance, offering a wide range of categories in one place for filtering. We'll share some details you can find in the collection:

Women's designer jewellery: Jil Sander, Gucci, Bottega Veneta...

It's almost impossible to have lived through 2023 without seeing the famous Bottega Veneta drop earrings. The success of these earrings is not only due to the revival of the brand and an exclusive statement design. It goes much further.

Jewellery, both for women and men, has had a representative value since the dawn of humanity. Starting as totems in prehistory and evolving into symbols of power in ancient eras. Today, thanks to the influence of the figures from the silver screen of the 1920s, designer jewellery for men and women encapsulates the luxury and mystery of an era where jewellery spoke of who you are.

In our ranks, different brands bring their exclusive vision to their jewellery offerings. From the polished minimalism of Jil Sander's jewellery to the vibrant opulence of Gucci's jewellery and the statement models of Bottega Veneta's jewellery.


Gift the avant-garde of Prada bags or the conceptualism of The Row handbags

A women's designer handbag is much more than a bag for our belongings. Handbags from major brands tell stories; they stem from references in the culture that we know or can learn from.

The inspiration of the creative duo Olsen in charge of The Row, twice awarded Accessories Designers of the Year by the CFDA awards, imparts a dimension of art curators to their handbags. The Dalia, Sofia 11, and Sofia 11.75 models are almost collector's pieces, recounting stories of excursions to contemporary art galleries.

The famous Prada Re-Edition 1995 bag is inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, the icon of minimalist style in the '90s. The Bottega Veneta Jodie bag comes from an anecdote of Jodie Foster covering her face from paparazzi with a bag from the brand. The Gucci Jackie bag is inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy. Fashion's great muses are not just walking showcases for their favourite brands. They are often the origin of many coveted designs.

For him: the elegance of designer wallets, DIPTYQUE perfumes, and Gucci loafers

Classic masculine elegance is no longer only represented in traditional leather textures, silk ties, and musky perfumes. Luxury brands worldwide have expanded their men's offerings with new scents, textures, colours, and refreshed designs.

Men's designer jewellery has gained traction since its resurgence in the '80s as part of urban tribes and is currently associated with the world's most stylish men like Jacob Elordi or Austin Butler. New male figures have broken self-imposed limits in gentlemen's fashion, maintaining a balance between classic elegance and innovation.

Accessories like Loewe scarves, Gucci wallets, and Church's loafers symbolise modern masculine sophistication. A sophistication that no longer fears showing appreciation for good fashion and, in fact, elevates it. The novelty among gentlemen is the omnipresent appearance of the men's bag, which has already secured its place in men's fashion.

For both men and women, we offer Gift Cards if you're still unsure. In any case, our store staff will be delighted to meticulously advise on your Christmas purchases, paying attention to the most exhaustive detail.


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