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Article: 'Tis the season

'Tis the season



It seems that as the clock strikes midnight on the morning of November 1st, a new period of festivities and hustle begins. Shopping, year-end closures, sales, Black Friday... It all feels like a frenzy, a frenzy that culminates in our favourite part: the celebrations.

During this time of year, visits to stores accumulate in search of advice, styling, and the latest newly arrived dresses and suits. The sweetness of the upcoming festivities can already be tasted, and the warmth of ovens emanating the promises of a new holiday season can be smelled.

We're talking about brands and pieces perfect for this time.


Dresses from Victoria Beckham, Self-Portrait, Safiyaa...

There's a literary concept that is now experiencing its second heyday: the female gaze. Translated as the 'female perspective', it refers to the vision and interpretation from the minds of women (in this case, designers) for pieces intended for women.

With this understanding of feminine life, brands like Victoria Beckham's dresses fill a niche of special femininity and female sensitivity. The embrace of a woman's body by these dresses, accentuating her figure without discomfort, make brands like this a staple for the modern woman.

Self-Portrait and Safiyaa follow a similar model in terms of sensitivity and romance. Their dreamlike pieces, almost coming from a fantasy, have a special quality that shines in the year-end parties and festivities.

The accessories of the moment, handbags or clutches, continue to be popular throughout the year. However, it is now that we become more aware of their presence. Bottega Veneta clutches are timeless stars. For other trendy pieces, the new range of Jimmy Choo handbags encapsulates the iconicity of the footwear brand, now in hand accessories.

The perfect footwear is crucial at this time, which is why brands like Prada and Miu Miu have already showcased their offering of women's winter footwear.


Elegant men's clothing: classic elegance, cosmopolitan mystery, and an expanding range

Men's clothing is now experiencing its most creative moment to date. Currently, the gentleman has an expanding spectrum of options to choose from. The more classic tastes now see opportunities to explore the boundaries of the timeless, and the more avant-garde can venture into new fashion territories.

Canali clothing is a fail-safe classic, with their tailor-made Canali suits crafted with the utmost precision of Italian tailoring. Jacquemus, on the other hand, enhances the seductive look of the Mediterranean man with fashion designed to convey comfort and naturalness.

At Jil Sander, the lines between artistic and functional blur, with an exclusive selection of garments that combine muted colours with straight cuts and extra lengths. And if we follow the legacy of brands like Burberry, we find English silhouettes infused with the humour and maximalism of Daniel Lee.

Footwear also matters for the modern gentleman. Church’s and Tod’s shoes remain a global reference in elegant men's designer shoes, with brands like Loewe and Jacquemus exploring the forefront of classic male silhouettes.

And the new companion of the man, the men's designer handbag, now lives without limits its omnipresence in the market. What were timid suggestions at the end of the 2010s, now enjoys its most sincere fullness, having become an indispensable accessory in the contemporary wardrobe.

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