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Article: Dreamy footwear options for weddings

Dreamy footwear options for weddings

Anticipation is key for significant celebrations. That's why, this year, we decided to get ahead a bit and discuss the importance of footwear for weddings. In these cases, investing in quality is more of a necessity. Wedding days and other ceremonies can extend beyond the expected, so opting for comfort and quality can save us from having a bad time.

Taking it a step further, a good pair of wedding shoes can accompany us for a lifetime and through more than one celebration. The quality of brands offered at OTTODISANPIETRO focuses on durability, both in fit and design. In the world of luxury wedding shoes, major brands emphasise distinctive design. Prominent fashion houses understand the importance of this accessory and its role on such significant days, both for brides and guests.

Women's wedding shoes: bridal and guest shoes

At OTTODISANPIETRO, there is a balance between classic models and more avant-garde shapes. There is no better option than the other, as all offer wonderful advantages as long as we stay true to our style. Luxury brands offer exceptional collections. Their manufacturing process combines craftsmanship with the most updated quality.

Among the brands with the most followers are Aquazzura shoes. The creator of what started out of love for the waters of Capri (Italy) has become a cult brand in women's designer shoes. Their exquisite designs merge the highest glamour and sophistication, providing brides and guests with a unique luxury experience.

Brands like Aquazzura shoes, Bottega Veneta sandals, and Prada shoes remain among the most sought after for their cutting-edge designs. Their presence in popular culture, alongside great style muses, has propelled them to the top of the industry. The exclusivity of all these great creators is reflected in both the quality of processes and materials and the meticulous attention to detail. Their pieces become treasures of high emotional value for the bride's most important day.

Regarding colour ranges, traditionally, white or ivory shoes are the usual choice for brides, leaving the rest of the options for guests (except for bridesmaids, who should coordinate with the chosen protocol). However, many brides nowadays opt for different colours such as champagne, rose gold, or sky blue. The right choice will always be the one that is most honest to our style.

Men's wedding shoes: groom and guest shoes

For the refined gentleman, high-quality footwear is an essential component. In the world of men's luxury, brands like Church's men shoes, Tod's men shoes, or Prada men shoes reign. These brands coincide in offering exceptional footwear options, each providing a unique and different experience. From men's Oxford shoes to men's loafers.

As for men's wedding shoes, the protocols for choosing footwear range from classic options in neutral tones to bold styles that include details like buckles, broguing, or exquisite leathers. Iconic brands like Church's, known for a legacy accompanying great men in history with their high-end footwear, offer a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Thus, grooms and guests can explore their personal style on their wedding day.

Among the preferred men's brands, we find Gucci loafers and Tod's loafers, which have taken men's bridal fashion to new heights. With their classic distinctive models, their excellence encapsulates the legacy of brands that emerged to represent elegance and sophistication for both men and women.

Still unsure about your options? Visit our collections of formal shoes for men and women.

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