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Article: Fashion Trends for 2024

Fashion Trends for 2024

The most exciting part of contemporary fashion is glimpsing the speed of trends. Just about two decades ago, fashion trends took a strong hold on society and persisted for several seasons until they became obsolete. As Heidi Klum said on Project Runway, "One day you're in, and the next day you're out."

With the rise of social media and accelerated communication, trends now have much shorter cycles. This gave rise to the concept of micro-trends, often emerging from platforms like TikTok or Instagram, with lifecycles sometimes lasting only weeks.

However, with the speed of these cycles, when a trend stands out from the rest, it signifies strength and an authentic reflection of social sentiment. As enthusiasts of the most timeless and enduring, let's talk about the trends that are here to stay in 2024.

Rose Garden

Floral patterns make a comeback, with a clear star: roses. Romanticism is in fashion, and amid white and airy dresses, warm and welcoming colors, and peplum silhouettes, roses (depicted in three dimensions) take the gold medal. The sinuous shapes of these legendary flowers form necklines, shoulder pads, collars, and layers of skirts.

And with this new trend, we can introduce you to the new brand at OTTODISANPIETRO: Magda Butrym Women. For their dresses this new season, roses play an essential role. Aligned with the feminine form, this flower of love becomes the cornerstone of Magda Butrym's new dresses.


It could be that the summer season emphasizes the reflections of the sun on the water. Or perhaps challenging times lead us to embrace a modern armor. Metallic designs, with ultra-thin chainmail and lamé, seem to have come to stay.

Their main destination? Metallic women's dresses. Without a particular preference for silver or gold, the new women's dresses suggest the concept of the woman as a deity, adorning the female figure like a character descended from Olympus itself.

Lapels and Collars: Polos and Shirts

The preppy style (Preparatory School, in America) has been climbing the fashion ladder for a couple of seasons now. Alternating between the dominance of women's polo shirts and shirts, the balance now seems to swing in favor of polo shirts.

The new preppy style (dubbed Subversive Prep by InStyle Magazine) is a reimagining of the preppy style with oversized and conceptual silhouettes. The trend includes the infallible combination with women's cardigans. Brands like Miu Miu stand out for leading this new style of the 2020s.


But not as we are used to. The new fringes are simple, almost discreet and straightforward. For 2024, metallic fringe applications simulate the applications of ostrich feathers.

The reflective optical effect, like an extension of the light from a dress, aligns with the need to make clothing an experience. Alluding to the new sculptural silhouettes of women's dresses, fringes resemble the optical illusions of paradise birds.

Home in Color

Today, personal style is not only reflected outwardly. It is, in fact, from door to inside where a person's taste can be seen in its full splendor. That's why brands like La DoubleJ, Loewe, and Burberry have invested in exquisite home collections. Against the tyranny of what some call the 'Greige Agenda' (or gray and beige agenda, due to the recent dominance of highly minimalist design), major brands at OTTODISANPIETRO venture into color, vivacity, and elegance.

Cushions, blankets, plates, tablecloths, candles, trays, ornaments, vases, glasses, cutlery... Luxury fashion is increasingly a 360-degree experience. Major brands allow us to explore our personal taste in one of the most important spaces to dress: our home.

Maxi Bags

Who would have thought that a few seasons ago, the mini bag was on the minds of all fashion muses? Well, it hasn't necessarily lost its crown, but let's say the reign of the luxury minibag now has a strong contender.

Large, spacious (and soft) bags now have a new starring role. Within their great capacity for everyday use, current women's bags are increasingly a tactile experience. Brands like The Row, Bottega Veneta bags, and Saint Laurent bags now opt for space with flexible silhouettes like the Margaux, Le Sardine, and Le 5 à 7.

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