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Article: What makes a brand luxury?

What makes a brand luxury?

Behind the pieces of major brands lies an expression of deeply rooted values. Elevating the experience, dressing becomes a form of art. Behind each creative proposal, a fascinating world unfolds where craftsmanship, history, and tradition confer a unique identity to each piece.

The legacy and cultural relevance of family businesses behind major brands converge to bring to life a truly exceptional and unmistakable visual concept. Inspirations for great novels and films, brands like Prada, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci represent stories with their own universe.

Hence, what shapes luxury brands?

Craftsmanship: forging perfection

At the heart of various luxury pieces is craftsmanship. A range of specialists and exclusive techniques for each brand.

Savoir-faire is a unique skill for every major fashion name, beyond the creation of the pieces. Techniques and meticulous attention to detail pass from generation to generation of artisans, enduring for decades.

Many of the artisans behind our favourite pieces can easily have 30 to 40 years at the helm of workshops, guiding and keeping alive a centuries-old art optimised with each new discovery. As seen in this video, there are quality standards such as perfect symmetry (achieved by hand), and techniques like making 3 stitches per centimetre of sewing. This high perfectionism and specialisation give lasting quality to their pieces.

Legacies with history: a family dream

After working as a bellboy in hotels for the highest classes, Guccio Gucci took inspiration from his elegant suitcases and toiletry bags to establish his own project. What started as a small leather goods project is now Gucci, one of the most influential brands in the world.

Major fashion brands are keepers of inspiring stories. The symbolism of many garments pays homage to milestones in the trajectory of their brands. Miuccia Prada, heir to her family's leather goods project, introduced milestones such as the ready-to-wear line in 1984. Nylon was introduced as a new luxury fabric, a concept nonexistent until then. Her succession in the family business translated the brand into modern life.

The connection with the history and tradition of the brands infuses authenticity. Like a bridge between the classic and the contemporary, the pieces witness the evolution of the maisons over the years.

Within this tradition, the creation of unique aesthetics emerges. The patterns, concepts, and silhouettes we see today often connect with the history of the brands. Thus, Bottega Veneta's intrecciato speaks of the foundation of the brand, and Saint Laurent jackets whisper the avant-garde of women's fashion, invented by Yves Saint Laurent in the '60s.

Contemporary relevance: roots in global culture

The presence of fashion in cinema and musical culture makes it an indissoluble part of our lives. From Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy to Catherine Deneuve's Saint Laurent. Powerful alliances between creators and stars enhance the profile of both. This representation of screen muses strengthens the messages of the brands.

But the messages of major brands are not only through associations with celebrities. In 2022, Chloé became the first brand to adhere to European B-Corp standards. And Burberry, the first carbon-neutral brand. The Prada Group was the first to sign a green treaty in 2019.

High-end brands invest a significant amount of resources in their improvement and optimization. Progress towards sustainability reinforces the constant dialogue of major brands with society.

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