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Article: New year, new brands

New year, new brands

With the beginning of 2024, a new cycle in fashion is inaugurated. At OTTODISANPIETRO, in our constant search for the latest sought-after brands, we bring you carefully selected new labels. These brands reflect today's fashion: rich, diverse, and with stories to tell. From the craftsmanship of Bottega Veneta for men to the community behind La DoubleJ, we present the new brands redefining the current fashion landscape.

La DoubleJ: Passion for Life

If something characterises our new brand in stores, it's their use of colour. The brand's message invites us to join their eclectic orbit. Founded in 2017 by J.J. Martin, La Double J originated as a community to showcase women creators and vintage fashion. Currently, their maximalist home pieces in vibrant prints are recognized worldwide.

Around a transcendental and holistic philosophy, the brand opts for colours aligned with the maps of human chakras. The project's purpose is to elevate the vibration and happiness of those who wear them, advocating for a fashion that celebrates life. Their community for women organises virtual and live events where tips, meditation sessions, and a lot of joy for living are shared.

Bottega Veneta Menswear: Vanguard and Technique

The 2020s have made one thing clear: Bottega Veneta is a flagship of contemporary luxury clothing. With history, traditional techniques, and a creative director aligned with popular culture, Bottega Veneta collections have become part of the collective imagination thanks to their combination of avant-garde and traditional craftsmanship.

Matthieu Blazy's Bottega Veneta for men shares a similar spirit with Bottega women: calculated maximalism with accessories over looks featuring sophisticated and simple garments. Behind that apparent simplicity are textile feats such as leathers treated to simulate cotton, exclusive silks, and flawless patterns.

Bottega has been at the forefront of championing the new essential accessory for gentlemen: the men's designer bags. Translating the techniques that made the brand famous, their intrecciato bags for men are already in our OTTODISANPIETRO stores.

Magda Butrym: For Women, by Women

Magda Butrym's clothing is a love letter to women. The Polish creator has already conquered the wardrobes of fashion muses like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Anya Taylor-Joy, among others.


"I don't want to define women. I want to empower them. I want us all to feel comfortable in our own skin, happy, powerful, and confident.

We should all be our own muses." 

- Magda.

Her work emphasises a new romanticism, full of sensuality and craftsmanship. Her pieces are crafted in Poland, in collaboration with a wide network of national artisans. Thus, her work keeps tradition alive while dressing the woman who inspires herself.

The European elegance of her clothing is key to her success, having been able to redefine such an explored concept as the women's dress.

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