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Article: Magda Butrym Dresses: Craftsmanship Made in Poland

Magda Butrym Dresses: Craftsmanship Made in Poland

At the end of 2023, we welcomed Magda Butrym dresses. Her name might sound familiar, having dressed Anya Taylor Joy, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Natalie Portman, and a long list of influential personalities. Magda Butrym was founded in 2014 by the Polish designer of the same name: Magda Butrym. Since its inception, the brand has become an international trendsetter known for its unmistakable designs and focus on craftsmanship made in Poland.

The Origin of Magda Butrym Dresses

Magda Butrym, the designer behind the brand, was born and raised in Poland. Before founding her own brand in Warsaw in 2014, she worked as a stylist at the national level, which "gave her the keys to what women wanted to wear." From the beginning, her goal was to combine elements of the modern wardrobe with traditional tailoring techniques, reviving Poland's national craftsmanship.

Her debut with the fall/winter 2015 collection at Warsaw Fashion Week was very well received. But this moment did not come without a long career and experience.

Born into a family that saw fashion as a reflection of education and personality, Magda studied at the International School of Costumography and Clothing Design. After graduating, she dove into the styling industry, working for national television in Poland. By forging connections with major figures in the Polish scene, she was able to launch her first project as co-creator: Portofino. Soon after, she was recruited for another national success: La Mania.

Between these two projects, surrounded by expert teams and resources, she learned how the industry worked and ventured to found her brand with a wealth of knowledge.

The Essence of Butrym

In that first show in 2015, the brand’s lines were clearly seen. The brand is characterised by very feminine silhouettes, the use of high-quality fabrics, and handmade embellishments. These complements and fabrics, such as embroidery and leather applications, are made by a growing network of artisans in Poland.

Her textile sensitivity and knowledge of her clientele were compared to the Yves Saint Laurent of the '60s. Magda Butrym dresses are for a determined, independent, and travelling woman. The brand's clothing seeks to play with tradition, rejoicing in the reinterpretation of classic silhouettes and the use of traditional techniques. In 2015, Kim Kardashian put the Butrym name on the international map, thanks to a leather skirt that took "30 hours of hand sewing."

Magda Butrym Dresses at OTTODISANPIETRO

The selection of Magda Butrym dresses at OTTODISANPIETRO aligns with our fashion philosophy: a combination of timeless pieces with the most sought-after garments of the season. Roses, a key symbol of the brand’s sensuality, are present in many of the pieces we selected.

The colour palette is the perfect intersection between the soul of the brand and our own style: base colours like whites and blacks combined with accents of red, pink, and coral.

The designer was able to find a market gap in her time, seeking to provide women with elegance in everyday clothing. For her manufacturing, Magda Butrym collaborates with local artisans in Poland, ensuring a high level of quality and supporting local craft traditions.

Today, Magda Butrym is a key symbol of women's fashion. Positioned between the classic and the contemporary, Magda advocates not for defining women, but for giving them the tools to be their own muse. In a sea of trends, Magda Butrym clothing stands out for its consistency and authenticity, where the greatest trend is empowering oneself through a wardrobe that showcases our best version.

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