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Article: New Men's Designer Brands

New Men's Designer Brands

Just before the opening of our women’s store at Juana de Vega, 6 (A Coruña), our second store welcomed new men’s designer brands. These names encapsulate an undeniable fact in recent fashion trends: the menswear clothing market is experiencing exponential growth.

While in the past, men's designer clothing might have been limited to very similar patterns, nowadays the offerings have significantly expanded. From textile research to past icons and international phenomena, we present some of the new names in our lineup.

Birkenstock 1774

The German footwear giant has launched a highly exclusive second line. Named Birkenstock 1774, after its original founding year, this range elevates the brand's famous sandals and shoes to a new level.

For both men and women, the brand has recreated exclusive designs of its most famous footwear. From the iconic Birkenstock Arizona sandals to the Boston clogs, and the new Tokyo sandals, hybridising the two former designs. Innovation and exclusive quality are the hallmarks of Birkenstock 1774 footwear.

With models featuring shiny finishes, suede, and premium leather, the sandals from this range already accompany some of the fashion world’s prominent figures on their holidays.

Discover Birkenstock 1774.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta menswear is defined by two seemingly disparate but related concepts: tradition and innovation. With not one, but two Scuola della Pelleteria (schools for training its artisans), innovation and tradition are the foundation upon which Bottega Veneta flourishes.

Its men’s range maintains the same commitment to design and research as the women’s line. Applying artisanal techniques to the brand’s intellectual and cosmopolitan style, Bottega Veneta menswear is known as a key guide in current men’s fashion.

Directed by Matthieu Blazy from 2022, the men’s range stands out for tailoring that is distinct from what we are used to. Bottega Veneta men’s clothing is developed by researching new fabrics, volumes, and pigments. Among the layers of creative complexity of the brand, a simple, innovative, and wearable finish stands out. Bottega Veneta men’s clothing is designed to be used, ensuring that innovation and design do not overlook user comfort.

In addition to clothing, the Bottega Veneta men’s collection of bags and shoes showcases the brand’s classic intrecciato technique in a versatile format for men. 

Explore the men’s collection up close on our website and in stores.

Comme des Garçons Homme

Rei Kawakubo’s initial and spontaneous project would eventually become a transcultural milestone in fashion. Since the 70s and 80s, the brand has evolved from niche to a striking diversity of lines and influences. In fact, it could be said that current men’s style is defined by two great creatives: Raf Simons and Rei Kawakubo.

Comme des Garçons Homme explores the balance between Japanese craftsmanship applied to Western lifestyles. The brand’s iconic striped shirts, draped designs, and sophisticated, unpredictable constructions are ever-present.

Our selection includes casual pieces like Comme des Garçons Homme sweatshirts as well as the brand’s unmistakable shirts and windbreakers. Additionally, we offer pieces and accessories such as Comme des Garçons Homme tote bags, ideal for running errands while carrying an emblem of international fashion.

Click here to discover our Comme des Garçons collection, including the collaboration between Comme des Garçons and New Balance.

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