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With the new season, come the new collections. Despite the advent of new times seemingly blurring the ends and beginnings of seasons, nothing can disperse the enthusiasm over fresh fashion. Miu Miu, Prada, Jacquemus, Bianca Saunders… Let’s talk about some of our latest arrivals to our womenswear and menswear stores:


Women’s designer clothing

New womenswear collections are coming in strong with all the changes in recent fashion history. In the Prada universe, with the incorporation of Raf Simons to the creative leadership with Miuccia, a more ethereal exploration of the Prada woman is the new way. The latest collection has paper and paint as the simplest modes of expression in creativity. In a sea of excess, Prad is here to redirect us towards simplicity in their elegance. Don’t miss their new collection here.

Miu Miu clothing is continuing their meteoric rise, combining a perfect climate with all the creative freedom Miuccia Prada has found through her new partnership at Prada. The Miu Miu label, named after the family nickname of the creative director, is conquering the wardrobes of celebrities and fashion gurus worldwide. In the world of the label, Miuccia wanted to explore new limits, finding her rebellious soul and daring to play in a way she wasn’t able to at Prada. Her motivation paid off, and nowadays Miu Miu sets are taking over magazine covers and streetstyle photos worldwide. Find Miu Miu bags, Miu Miu ballerina shoes and the essence of the brand at OTTODISANPIETRO

But it isn’t all Prada that glistens. With “Le Raphia”, Simon Porte JAcquemus continues his ode to countryside France with the most field-friendly looks. With the new collection, come new dresses, tops and Jacquemus bags. Further from the updated versions of the famous Chiquito bag and the Bambino; there come the new stars of the label: Le Bambimou bag and Le Bisou Perle. Le Bambimou is a tactile, multidimensional experience, bringing our favourite elements from the Jacquemus Bambino to a puffed-up, spacious model. The Bisou Perle is the wink (or kiss) to the 2000s and Jacquemus shoulder bags by the designer. This model is compact yet functional, adding a lacquered wooden pearl on the strap, a message from the volumes Simon has explored since his beginning. 

Menswear, too

This month is full or surprises for him. From the new Jacquemus men’s bags (meet Le Cuerda), to the graphic innovation of Bianca Saunders, our men’s store continues to grow exponentially. 

Among the classics, Canali continues a constant bet on timeless, elegant menswear. As we get closer to weddings and other summer celebrations, Canali and Prada become the infallible brands for the elegant man. Among the new, from her London atelier, Bianca Saunders proceeds to deconstruct traditional tailoring, bringing new values and silhouettes to the men’s wardrobe. This season, OAMC has collaborated with NASA in new pieces such as their bomber jacket. Autry sneakers have come to stay with their classic models, and Stone Island is back as each season with their sporty and comfortable aesthetic. 

Spring brings the fruits of new collections to OTTODISANPIETRO, making tangible those ongoing changes in menswear and womenswear in the 2020s. From the return of tailored fashion to relaxed new shapes, OTTODISANPIETRO continues to bet on progress and the coexistence of the new and the timeless. Just like every season.

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