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Spring has sprung. With the arrival of friendlier weather, there starts the switch in fabrics and wardrobe. Bags for spring become representative of the time, combining functionality with the overall trends in fashion. From the growth in size of the most acclaimed bags, the return of artisanship and tradition, we discuss the new bags set to conquer this spring. 

Loewe baskets and Loewe raffia bags

A classic of the season. The infallible match between comfort and craftsmanship, signed with the iconic logos of Loewe, is now to be seen over the shoulders of fashionistas worldwide. The Loewe baskets  offer a wide array of possibilities both in dimensions and designs. From simple models to carry to the beach or shopping, to more designed items made to adorn daily looks. 

Discover our selection of Loewe basket bags with all we love about Loewe. 

The Oskan Moon Bag by Isabel Marant

Or the it- bag of the season. This model, a part of the Oskan bag family by Isabel Marant, merges the essence of the Marant aesthetic with the return of Carrie Bradshaw-esque shoulder bags. It’s a return to the 90s and 2000s. 

Its size is ideal for daily use, both for office or a night out, allowing us to carry the basics of our day to day. Even while presenting the key elements of the Isabel Marant aesthetic, the Oskan bag blends in perfectly with a variety of styles thanks to its rustic yet easy-going appeal. 

Prada raffia bags

Prada raffia bags and Prada baskets are never out of style. However, out the rainy season, they become easier to wear. This time, our models of Prada raffia bags signal freshness and simplicity as much sought by the Prada clientele. As a cherry on top, our Prada bucket hats in raffia and nylon are a great option to add to the look. 

Tradition and newness: Bottega Veneta

Artisanship is back in everyone’s mind, thanks to the work of labels like Loewe or, in this case, Bottega Veneta. The latest bag to join the Bottega Veneta universe has been the Andiamo (“let’s go” in Italian). Referring to its ability to accompany us for trips to the office and vacation, this bag is made for inquiet souls. If you are looking for a medium to large bag that is highly resistant, the Bottega Veneta Andiamo is for you. 

On another note, other booming trendy bag is the Sardine, also signed by Bottega. Similar to the classic Jodie bag, but with a metallic handle in the shape of a sardine fish, this new bag evokes summer in Italy from its freshness to the direct allusion to nature and the sea. Over the past few months, the Bottega Veneta Sardine bag has become the new bet for many celebrities and fashion gurus. 


Gentlemen are covered, too

Although we know the advent of new times means the loss of gender boundaries, it is still important to underline the labels’ proposals made with men in mind. This season, gentlemen have two new friends: one new, and one classic. 

The new, in the shape of a handbag (such as Loewe’s Repeat pouch and some Saint Laurent models), welcomes a more ergonomic way of carrying such iconic fashion accessories. As for the classic, the men’s briefcase continues to accompany the contemporary man to his office or even to holiday destinations. Models by Prada, Gucci and other classic silhouettes are not to be ignored in a sea of new proposals. 

The universality of bags is crystal clear. All options can be for everyone, not imposing themselves but widening the horizons of our own personal style options. Among raffia basket bags, classic leather models and other fabrics such as nylon (see: Ganni bags and Prada bags), spring arrives loaded with the fruits of all your favourite labels.

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