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Article: The 5 great trends for the season

The 5 great trends for the season

Fashion changes, the world changes. Seasons, gender divisions and styles become more and more blurred out as the world evolves. The lines and limits of fashion are changing, but given our gregarious human nature, trends won’t cease to exist any time soon. Our constant mutual inspiration and interpersonal relationships are considerable guides to our fashion choices. From expressing our personality, to media and internet phenomena all the way through our circles of friends and cultural inspirations, trends are a way we influence society and vice versa. This season, we present to you five of the main fashion trends of this season and in which of our brands to find them.

Puffer styles (and not just on coats)

     It’s on shoes, bags, sunglasses, accessories… Puffer styles have taken over 2022. Ever since those viral Moncler couture looks by Pierpaolo Piccioli, puffer finishes have been taking over the world of fashion. The variations in fabrics are as broad as the final product. The volumes are traditionally achieved through down fillings, given that they belong mostly to coats and jackets. This season, as their most popular product, Moncler has continued their production of quilted down jackets, Moncler gilets and Moncler coats both in matte and shiny finish. These jackets Moncler are timeless staples, with an aesthetic recognizable from miles away.

     The novelty this year was the exploration of quilting and volumes by other brands, namely labels like Loewe. The new Loewe accessories for 2022 explore volumes, shapes and puffs like no other. Also filled with feathers and in the finest nappa leather for the ultimate touch experience, the Loewe puffer Flamenco bags and Loewe puffer boots of the season in store are here to bring you a new way to feel fashion.


     The Scandinavian, minimal aesthetic is here to stay. From the original Scandi girl style, popularized through bloggers, to the new streetwear trends in complete egg shell tones, sandy hues and off-whites, neutral colors are an easy way to look effortlessly put together. The timeless yet so current appeal of these looks, usually playing in a completely beige color palette without accents of color, evokes a feeling of coze and connection to nature. In an oversaturated world of information, the new trend of understated visual spectacles makes total sense, given their capacity to calm us down and keep us consistent in a time of media frenzies.

     In stores, brands like Max Mara, ‘S Max Mara and The Row masterfully explore the realms of neutral tones. They define neutrals and wardrobe essentials, not jumping onto trends but setting them. Jil Sander is another great explorer of understated tonalities when creating modern silhouettes.

Pops of color - think pink

     With every action, there is a reaction. The phenomenon of Pink PP, a reaction against the hegemony of neutral colors, is part of our own definition of Roaring Twenties. The need for vibrancy, optimism and flamboyance is ever present in 2022. New studies of color and prints come together this year with collections ready to inspire paradise, positivity and striking combinations. The new shades in style often resemble those of a sunset or sunrise, with hot pinks, bright reds, oranges and even lime-ish greens exploding on the streets and runways of the world.

    Colors of bright and fun nature can be found in our selections of Gucci, Valentino, Jacquemus, Prada and Jil Sander.

Blazers - back to sartorial fashion

     Another reaction, to streetwear this time, is the exquisite refinement of blazers and full suits. Sartorial fashion is living through its strongest moment yet. Who could overlook those iconic CELINE looks with blazers on top of jeans for a modern day office uniform? Although CELINE is only available in our physical stores, the beauty of blazers and suits is still available in our online selections of Prada, Gucci, TOTEME, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Chloé, Partow and many, many more. Designer brands are currently exploring the novelty of shapes and cuts accentuating a woman’s body.

Comfortable clothes

     If one thing has been made clear in recent times, it is that comfort is key. Nobody, except a handful of committed fashionistas, wants to spend time scratching, pulling or adjusting uncomfortable clothes. The modern day speed requires a challenging balance between innovation to keep it interesting, and comfort to keep shoppers hooked. It is those gems in our closet we seek to keep buying, and comfortable clothes hold a high standard when it comes to returning customers.

     From the best cashmere to relaxed silhouettes, and the ultimate modern fits, our overall collection of clothing this season offers comfortable sets for the modern woman. Novelties in store are Extreme Cashmere, TOTEME, Bianca Saunders, Ganni, Partow and ever growing collections by The Row. 

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