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Article: Fashion & Film (II): Must-Watch Fashion Documentaries

Fashion & Film (II): Must-Watch Fashion Documentaries

Lights, camera, fashion!

This list of fashion documentaries takes us behind the scenes of key moments and institutions of the industry. For those admirers of craftsmanship, of the drama behind the cameras, or the story behind major events, we have curated a list of essential audiovisual pieces about the world of high fashion.

Select your favourite snack and your Loewe cushion, and get ready for a hefty dose of fashion history.

The First Monday in May (2016)

This already iconic documentary allows us to step behind the velvet ropes and into the heart of the Met Gala, fashion's most prestigious yearly event. This documentary offers a fascinating glimpse into the meticulous planning and execution of the Met's annual fashion exhibit, showcasing the perfect intersection of art, culture, and couture. 

Directed by Andrew Rossi, the documentary-film takes viewers on a whirlwind journey as curator Andrew Bolton navigates the complexities of staging a blockbuster fashion exhibition while co-chair Anna Wintour oversees every detail of the star-studded gala, from invitations to press, seating... Be prepared for scenes of jaw-dropping couture, collector gowns, high stress and celebrity sightings. "The First Monday in May" is a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the inner workings of the most popular event of the fashion world.

Myles Kalus Anak Jihem, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


 Dior and I (2014)

‘’Dior and I’’ allows us to follow acclaimed designer Raf Simons back when he took the helm of the legendary House of Dior. The documentary is directed by Frédéric Tcheng, showcasing a truly intimate behind-the-scenes look at Simons' first haute couture collection for the iconic fashion house, which to this day remains one of their most recognizable couture shows. 

Follow Simons, current creative partner at Prada, in his high-stress journey to creating his very first collection at Dior, from the initial sketches to the final runway show. This endearing film captures the creative process in all its glory, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define classic couture. Giving us unprecedented access to the inner workings of the atelier, "Dior and I" is a must-watch for anyone fascinated by the artistry of haute couture.

The September Issue (2009)

To this day, ‘’The September Issue’’ continues to be one of the most quoted and celebrated fashion documentaries out there. The film allows us to catch a glimpse behind the crafting of the pages of Vogue magazine’s most important issue: the September one. 

This captivating documentary chronicles the making of the magazine's iconic September 2007 issue. Directed by R.J. Cutler, the film provides an intimate look at the intense creative process behind the world's most influential fashion publication, led by the formidable Anna Wintour. From the high-stakes of editorial meetings, to coordinating the world's biggest stars, to the logistics behind cover shoots, "The September Issue" offers a rare peek into the inner workings of a fashion powerhouse and the larger-than-life personalities that shape its pages.

Image courtesy of Elias Rovielo -

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. - via Flickr CC


McQueen (2018)

A designer that achieved what few ever do: both international acclaim and cult-like following. The extraordinary life and legacy of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen in "McQueen" is portrayed under the direction of Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui. This documentary traces McQueen's meteoric rise to fame, from his humble beginnings as a working-class teenage boy in London to becoming one of the most visionary and controversial figures in the fashion industry, from an internship and Givenchy to his very own label. 

Via archival footage and intimate interviews with friends, family, models and fellow industry colleagues, "McQueen" offers a transparent and honest portrait of a tortured genius whose groundbreaking designs continue to influence and inspire the world of fashion today like they did at his peak.

Image courtesy of Marco Albanese - 

Lapo Elkann & Franca Sozzani - via Flickr CC

Franca: Chaos and Creation (2016)

Known for her controversial, fearless and risk-taking fashion projects, the life and legacy of legendary Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani sees the light in "Franca: Chaos and Creation.

Directed by her very own son, Francesco Carrozzini, this intimate documentary offers a candid glimpse into Sozzani's groundbreaking tenure at the helm of the fashion magazine (from 1988 to 2016). To this day, the Italian edition of Vogue is hailed by many as a fashion Holy Book between the 90s and 2010s. Every model, stylist, designer and fashion personality wanted to be portrayed in one of Franca’s Vogue Italia Covers. In them, she discussed issues such as plastic surgery, beauty standards, fashion critique and other commentary on society and fashion. 

Her bold editorial choices and her fearless approach to storytelling completely revolutionised the world of fashion journalism, pushing boundaries and crafting a before and after for the industry. Interviews with fashion luminaries and never-before-seen footage further adorn "Franca: Chaos and Creation", paying tribute to a true visionary of the industry.

Be sure to reach out to us via social media and tell us about your favourite recommendations, ask us questions or even share your own preferred fashion films, documentaries and the likes. 

Whether you're a seasoned industry follower or just merely curious about the inner workings of the fashion scene, these documentaries are sure to inspire your time at home and make you rethink your entire perspective on fashion.

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