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Article: Find The Perfect Sunglasses

Find The Perfect Sunglasses

When it comes to accessories, there are few decisions as personal as finding the pair of sunglasses. In a more or less obvious way they help define our face, and deciding on one type of frame or another can be complicated. With the arrival of Spring they become one of the accessories par excellence, so here are the best options for you to choose.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Squared or rectangular sunglasses are one of the most universal frames. Their usual acetate construction makes them durable and comfortable, as well as a perfect canvas for designers' creative expression. As with all classics, you can't go wrong. Our favourites include Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent—Yves himself loved this type of frames, and they are key to define his style.

Cat Eye Women Sunglasses

The distinctive almond-shaped silhouette of cat-eye sunglasses adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to the classic acetate frames. Generally feminine, they create an evocative look that can flatter any face shape depending on the proportion and thickness of the frame. It is difficult to decide between Bottega Veneta's tortoiseshell acetate or the sought-after ones from Celine, available in-store only.

Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses

Characterised by their metal frames and sophisticated minimalist design, aviator sunglasses have been a timeless style since the 1930s. Their iconic design combines functionality and lightness in a silhouette with a slightly masculine yet versatile look. Daniel Lee's version for Bottega Veneta or Gucci's romantic design are ideal for spring.

Women's Mask Sunglasses

Masks or futuristic
With lines reminiscent of the futuristic design of the 1990s and 2000s, this category includes a wide variety of frames with one thing in common: they are eye-catching. Their elongated or oversized shapes and lenses tinted in vibrant colours make them a real statement. Gucci's mask-like sunglasses or Balenciaga's elongated lines are two very interesting examples.

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