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Article: Moving to a Sustainable Fashion

Moving to a Sustainable Fashion

Gradually, the fashion industry is starting to rethink the footprint of its activity, in response to the context of the climate crisis. In addition to specific agreements, such as the one signed by Burberry or the Kering Group in order to fight biodiversity loss and ocean pollution, the shift towards sustainable production inevitably involves responsible manufacturing.

Responding to this paradigm shift, major fashion houses are offering different alternatives ranging from organic materials to circular manufacturing processes, where waste is used as a source of new fabrics. Here we review some of these alternatives, which you can already discover in-store and online.

Regenerated Nylon
Made entirely from fishing nets and offcuts from textile factories, ECONYL is a regenerated nylon yarn designed to contribute to a circular economy model already used by designers such as Gucci or Prada−that recently introduced its Re-Nylon line, expecting to replace all its virgin nylon garments with the recycled material by the end of 2021.

Joining in the change, Burberry as well as the Gucci Off The Grid line (which supports a circular production approach) have already used ECONYL in their collections.

Organic Cotton
By not using insecticides or chemical fertilizers in its cultivation, organic cotton promotes the natural cycles of the soil and avoids the use of toxic substances, both in the weaving and production processes.

Organic cotton T-shirts are now quite popular, but the use does not end there. Denim, one of the most resource-intensive fabrics in the world, also uses organic cotton (sometimes combined with recycled cotton) on its approach to sustainable manufacturing. In addition, natural and less polluting dyeing processes are becoming increasingly common. Some of our favourite organic cotton jeans are Ganni or Boyish.


This season we have received another very interesting alternative: biodegradable materials. These garments, once discarded, take just a few years to decompose, reducing the amount of waste and our environmental footprint. Some of these garments are the Globe down jacket from Herno or the sought-after Puddle boots from Bottega Veneta.


All these alternatives, which strive to minimize the environmental impact and preserve the health of the planet, are becoming increasingly popular. You can discover all the options available by looking for products with the Sustainable label in our store.

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