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Article: Handbag trends for summer 2023

Handbag trends for summer 2023

The summer season brings countless occasions that we don't usually enjoy during the rest of the year. From weddings and festivals to vacations, summer requires an extra dose of practicality combined with aesthetics. Among the summer 2023 handbag trends, we always need to ensure the functionality of the bag. After all, the concept of a handbag was not born as something purely aesthetic or decorative, but rather as a tool to carry a larger number of objects in a protected manner. Over time, this functionality became intertwined with aesthetics, through which two visions are expressed: that of the brand producing it and that of the customer who showcases and expresses their personal style through it.

Let's review some occasions where summer handbags may come in handy and go through a list of considerations to keep in mind when choosing a handbag to carry during the summer.


Handbags for summer weddings 

Clutch bags are the star of the occasion. Handheld purses or clutch bags, such as the various styles and metallic Bottega Veneta clutches, are a comfortable and versatile way to carry our essentials without taking up too much space. As jewelry pieces, they are ornaments that can complete the overall look of an outfit. Due to their small size, they provide a highly sought-after aesthetic value in these models.

Loewe, Maison Margiela, Bottega Veneta handbags, and other brands at OTTODISANPIETRO have made the most of the compact dimensions of these models. Prominent brands translate their unique vision into these handbags that will accompany us during some of the most important moments of our lives.

Beach bags

Here, the factor of practicality is accentuated due to external factors. In other words: sand, salt, and nature require materials that are highly resistant to be used without damage. Some leathers, such as Bottega Veneta's intrecciato weave or Prada's Saffiano, are designed to be resistant to the elements and scratches. However, the ideal model for the beach is the straw bags and summer baskets. In addition to their generous dimensions and vintage aesthetics, they have the added value of craftsmanship and a natural feel in their construction. Loewe baskets and Chloé and Isabel Marant straw baskets embrace this rustic aesthetic of branded baskets and elevate them with their visual codes and branding.

Bags for excursions

Depending on the moment, destination, and duration, short excursions and trips require both space and the aforementioned emphasis on practicality. For this occasion, branded backpacks and waist bags, such as those from Saint Laurent or Loewe in our men's section, are ideal. Their polished design does not compromise the aesthetic value of both brands, but the space and optimised design for carrying them on our backs fulfil the comfort condition. Backpacks are designed to be worn without hindering our manoeuvrability. For this reason, they are ideal for accompanying us on excursions.

Travel bags

For trips, the necessary versatility is not defined by a single bag, but rather by a range of options that can be reduced to three. In addition to our carry-on or cabin suitcases, the first option to consider is briefcases or tote bags to carry our essentials during transportation. During the journey to our destination, the space and dimensions of these bags can also include reading devices such as tablets, books, and snacks to avoid relying on the commercial options provided on trains and planes. For our digital reading devices, several of our brands offer cases and covers for tablets with special protection and design.

On the other hand, for daily sightseeing, a camera bag or messenger bag, or even a waist bag like Loewe's Puzzle waist bags, are ideal for carrying close to us without burdening our hands. At the end of the day, as a third option, a handbag or mini bag is perfect for evening events and holiday plans.

As we have seen, fashion has an aesthetic component that often overlaps with functionality without us even realising it. This is well-known and thoroughly studied by top brands, which, in their approach to new models, conceptualise stories of how their pieces could participate in our lives. Fashion for the sake of fashion exists, as proposed by naturalists in the early 20th century. However, functionality still reigns alongside aesthetics, and major brands know how to combine both priorities and explore their aesthetics without limits.

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