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Article: LYST Index of hottest brands and products (Q3): fashion's most sought after

LYST Index of hottest brands and products (Q3): fashion's most sought after

The OTTODISANPIETRO customer speaks without fear and with clarity. Listening to them makes it easy to continue bringing the most sought-after. We bet on the timeless and sophisticated, guaranteeing a durable and authentic wardrobe. Without a doubt, the growth of our project for art and fashion lovers is due to listening to our customers. And once again this season, they prove to be right.

As is customary at the end of each quarter, the online buying platform LYST has shared its famous list. The LYST Index Q3 is what the entire industry wants to read. It reflects, in terms of searches and purchases, the most coveted brands and products of the past three months. Once again, over 70% of the names in the top 10 are among our ranks.

Miu Miu, the number one house of the moment

It's no secret that since 2021, Miu Miu has been ascending to stardom. Many attribute the return of 2000s fashion as a key to its success. While they are not entirely wrong, it's only a small component of its authentic recipe for triumph. Pieces like Miu Miu handbags, Miu Miu ballet flats, or the Miu Miu cardigan are also among the most sought-after.

Miu Miu was born as Miuccia Prada's most personal project. Heiress to the Prada empire, Miuccia founded a space to play by her own rules. In the label named after her family nickname ("Miu Miu," from Miuccia), the creative designer bet on youthful lines and a spirit of teenage rebellion. Miu Miu functions as the younger sibling of Prada, with an irreverent philosophy and boundless creative breadth.

With the addition of Raf Simons as Miuccia's design partner at Prada, the designer's creative capacity has gained a certain respite. The newfound bandwidth has been put into Miu Miu. And the results speak for themselves. This quarter, the label has reached the number one spot in the ranking of the most sought-after brands. For the first time in its 30-year history, Miu Miu clothing has emerged as the champion of the season. In part, thanks to the high demand for pieces like the Arcadie Bag, Miu Miu ballet flats, and the famous embroidered cardigan.

The starring labels: Jacquemus, Burberry, Prada, Moncler, Saint Laurent...

The continuity of our project is due to two factors: experience and active listening to our customers. The result? Nine out of the ten most sought-after labels in the world are among our ranks.

In addition to Miu Miu, the rise of labels like Moncler, Saint Laurent, Jacquemus, Valentino, Bottega Veneta is reflected in the most sought-after items at OTTODISANPIETRO. As some of the customer favourites, the labels that occupy nine of the top ten spots speak to the sociology of fashion: what the buyer wants.

In ranking order, the included labels are:

Number 1: Miu Miu (for its strategy and star pieces)

Number 2: Loewe (for viral campaigns and bags)

Number 3: Prada (for designs like the Arqué Shoulder bag and campaigns)

Number 4: Bottega Veneta (for its ties to contemporary art)

Number 6: Saint Laurent (for its ambassadors and impeccable strategy)

Number 7: Moncler (for its iconic pieces and artistic collaborations)

Number 8: Valentino (for its runway shows and trending pieces)

Number 9: Jacquemus (for the successful launch of Le Chouchou in Versailles)

Number 10: Burberry (for Daniel Lee's inaugural collection and actions in London)

Viral pieces

Among the most sought-after pieces of the season, we have Maison Margiela's Tabi shoes. The flagship footwear of the brand features a silhouette inspired by the original Tabi footwear from Japan. It has been an unmistakable symbol of Maison Margiela for decades. This silhouette has been available in our stores for several seasons.

The embroidered Miu Miu cardigan takes the number two spot on the list. As part of the label's success and one of its star pieces, searches for cardigans in general have grown by 44% in recent weeks.

The well-known Birkenstock Arizona sandals have hit the market this time with unstoppable success. On our website, you can find limited and exclusive models of the Arizona Birkenstock in entirely new colours.

For Loewe, being at the forefront of fashion is nothing new. However, what is new is the launch of their new Loewe Puzzle Fold. The Puzzle Fold, as part of Loewe's new range of Puzzle bags, is a tote bag that can be folded perfectly flat. The resilience of this model can only be achieved through its excellent quality and the network of artisans behind the brand.

Finally, also from the hands of Miuccia Prada, Prada women's shoes return to the top of the charts. In this case, a model with 3D flowers. Prada's success is legendary, the result of a deep connection with its clientele and a cinematic dimension of the creator's mind. Currently, with the creative assistance of Raf Simons, the label is experiencing a new era of success.

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