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Article: New collections at OTTODISANPIETRO

New collections at OTTODISANPIETRO

We're approaching the midpoint of autumn. The collections for autumn and winter are in full swing. Their arrival in stores underscores the sustained anticipation between the fashion shows and the release of the collections. The see-now buy-now model, which rewarded the immediate release of collections after their presentation, doesn't seem to be yielding the expected results according to reports from WWD.

The wait between seasons highlights the craftsmanship and time invested in crafting many of these pieces. Quoting words heard in Craft in Motion (a Bottega Veneta documentary), "when we create a Bottega Veneta bag, we count the days, not the hours."

With this, the new collections presented in February have already landed in our spaces. This season, neutral and natural colour palettes stand out, emphasising the beauty of autumn leaves and the hues of the autumnal world. Let us tell you about what's newly arrived at OTTODISANPIETRO:

The Row Clothing: Collection Pieces

The 2023 collection from The Row marked the brand's return to international runways. Choosing Paris as the backdrop, the creative duo Olsen departed from the lookbooks of the past two years to reconnect with the audience.

The new collection is an appreciation of timeless pieces in new dimensions. The runway photos, held in a small, exclusive setting like most of their presentations, celebrate the lights and shadows of a fluid and sinuous collection that contrasts with the rigid architecture of its staging. The classic Parisian interiors became the perfect canvas to celebrate a line of oversized proportions, with the classic irreverence of the house.

Their collection is now available at OTTODISANPIETRO.

Autry x Jeff Staple: a tribute to New York City

Autry's resurgence since 2019 has been unstoppable. The iconic 80s sports footwear, born in the USA, disappeared from the map until it was acquired by a group of young people with a dream: to bring Autry back to stardom.

Supported by tennis player Bob Lutz, winner of 5 Grand Slam doubles, the brand was relaunched. Their vintage range, named Autry Super Vintage, is their most exclusive line. This receives a hand-aged treatment, giving each pair a unique vintage feel.

Their collection with Jeff Staple is an ode to New York life. With a palette ranging from neutral to vibrant, featuring olive green, forest green, off-white, and peach, their collaboration with the artist brings the life of the fashion capital to Autry's followers.

Jil Sander: the revival of the 90s

Lucie and Luke Meier have spent five years transforming Jil Sander's minimalism into a new conceptual dimension. The return of minimalist fashion finds in their Jil Sander a space to combine purified aesthetics with an intellectual air. In their shows, this union can be seen perfectly, with an audience and models in the midst of showrooms, art labs, and the like.

Their new collection surprises us with an exploration of oversized and straight falls. In neutral tones and subtle colour accents, the German brand opts for a colourful dimension this autumn. The usual details can be seen both inside and outside the garments, making use of embroideries with the initials of the brand.

Prada clothing and bags

To say that Prada leads the fashion of its time would be an understatement. The brand led by Miuccia Prada, and now Raf Simons, has been at the forefront of fashion since its resurgence in the 80s.

The brand also introduces the star bag of the season: the Arqué bag. This semi-circular model, with a crescent moon shape in the true hobo style, translates the feeling of current fashion into a silhouette already seen on the arms of Karlie Kloss, Hunter Schafer, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Emily Ratajkowski, Chiara Ferragni, and all the muses of current style.

From the new trends at OTTODISANPIETRO, we can deduce the return of the nineties and a preference for polished looks. What was fitted gives way to straight falls, like an architectural pillar. Colours are muted, natural tones return, and timelessness follows a course that seems never-ending.

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