Miu Miu, reigning royalty of accessories and fashion, has been enjoying a full renaissance since the early 2020s. Known for iconic bags, and for its iconic founder, the Miu Miu brand dictates what’s in and when. Founded in 1993 after Miuccia Prada’s family nickname, her desire was to have a playground that felt younger than the more intellectual and mature Prada woman. Although this division is what sparked the birth of the trendy fashion brand, both labels have grown apart enough to stand on their own and very different women. However, there is one key factor in common between the two: a supreme admiration for fashion. 

Miu Miu clothing aims at being a spontaneous, easygoing brand. The creative director herself does not proceed with designs that feel too complex or overthought. The label stands for spontaneous, current fashion with a feeling of ‘now’. With this approach, her accessories and sets usually become hits of the season. 

Ottodisanpietro’s collections of Miu Miu clothing

A game of season and reason, that is Miu Miu at Ottodisanpietro. Our criteria of selection balances a comfortable mix of the hits of the season, that will be back in style with the cycles of trends, and essentials in the exquisite quality of the house. From exclusive coats and shirts, core pieces and wardrobe staples, we also pick accessories that are the flavor of the time. 

We play with loyalty to the core essence of the house, which is to be a spontaneous choice for the season that is playful and current, allowing our minds to free themselves and become aligned with the present. The present of fashion is constantly in the making, and brands like Miu Miu are a constant reflection of the times. 

This brand is your ideal choice for free-spirited, exclusive fashion with a touch of now.

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