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Miu Miu Women's shirts

Striped ShirtStriped ShirtStriped ShirtStriped ShirtStriped Shirt
Sale price890 €
Sailor-collar shirtSailor-collar shirtSailor-collar shirtSailor-collar shirtSailor-collar shirt
Sale price980 €
Logo-embroidered shirtLogo-embroidered shirtLogo-embroidered shirtLogo-embroidered shirtLogo-embroidered shirt
Sale price890 €
Cropped shirtCropped shirtCropped shirtCropped shirtCropped shirt
Sale price820 €

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The Miu Miu brand represents a key symbol of modern femininity and preppy style, with the Miu Miu shirt encapsulating such essence from lapels to cuffs. Founded by the legendary Miuccia Prada back in 1993, Miu Miu has established itself as a playground for avant-garde fashion, merging youthful exuberance with classic, preppy style. The Miu Miu shirt is a quintessential piece in the modern woman’s wardrobe, embodying innovation and modern style.

These luxury shirts for women come crafted with impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. Miu Miu shirts are recognizable for their preppy designs and luxurious fabrics, as well as the well revered Miu Miu logo on the right side of the chest. The brand’s collections and runway shows include tailored, masculine lapel button-ups and more feminine, lightweight blouses. They can sometimes come adorned with intricate embellishments or navy sailor prints. Miu Miu shirts reinforce the sophistication and elegance present in the overall brand aesthetic, all wrapped up in the form of a curious young-spirited woman.

Miu Miu shirts, Miu Miu Cropped Shirts…

One of the most recognizable Miu Miu shirts are the Miu Miu cropped shirts. Adorned with the brand’s logo and with distressed hems, the cropped silhouette might be one of the most instantly recognizable signs of the house. So much so that celebrities and icons such as Emily Ratajkowski, Paloma Elsesser, Gigi Hadid and more have all already fallen for the cropped Miu Miu shirts in their own personal style. 

Nameless fashion icons have been spotted donning Miu Miu shirts, especially when combined with the Miu Miu skirt, ad a form of moder uniform for the new century. From Rihanna to Elle Fanning to actresses such as Emma Stone, Emma Corrin and Zendaya, Miu Miu shirts have become a coveted wardrobe staple. 

The brand is a key part of modern popular culture and the entertainment industry. In recent years, Miuccia Prada has solidified her ties to the international film industry by establishing the Miu Miu Women's Tales (an initiative to discuss and speak about the modern female voices in the film industry). 

Explore Miu Miu shirts at OTTODISANPIETRO, a space for luxury fashion lovers.