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Miu Miu Women's skirts

Sequin detailed miniskirtSequin detailed miniskirtSequin detailed miniskirtSequin detailed miniskirtSequin detailed miniskirt
Sale price1.050 €

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Known for a contemporary take on innovative designs, and an ever-playful aesthetic, the Miu Miu skirt encapsulates the essence of youthful femininity. Designed with meticulous attention to pop-culture, and a nod to the brand's emotional heritage, Miu Miu skirts are quite the iconic choice to add to any woman's wardrobe.

Since the very start of the brand, the Miu Miu clothing brand  has signified irreverent sophistication. Founded in 1993 as the little sister brand to Prada, Miu Miu clothing quickly carved out its own identity, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its ultra-feminine aesthetic, satin and navy stripes, its unmistakable Miu Miu Matelassé and daring silhouettes with eclectic prints. Within every Miu Miu skirt lies imbued a sense of whimsy and quirky intellectualism, offering a fresh perspective on traditional femininity.

Get your favourite Miu Miu skirts at OTTODISANPIETRO

At OTTODISANPIETRO, we curate a diverse selection of Miu Miu skirts that cater to every style preference. You get to choose, subject to availability (Miu Miu clothing flies off the shelves!), between the charm of their famously oh-so-pleated A-line skirts or opt for the allure of a figure-hugging pencil skirt, with our collection showcasing the versatility of Miu Miu skirt designs.

The craftsmanship standing behind each of these Miu Miu skirts is globally celebrated, exuding a special air of luxury and refinement that has made them cover-worthy pieces for all magazines from Vogue to i-D. Luxurious cotton and shirt fabrics sometimes add on intricate embellishments, presenting every detail as carefully considered to elevate its craftsmanship. No matter what, the Miu Miu mini skirt has become the voice of a generation, aligning itself with the very top of pop culture and representing the celebrities and cultural atmosphere of a much beloved time in recent history, now returning with more strength even than back then. 

Find your ideal Miu Miu skirt in OTTODISANPIETRO.