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Article: Scandinavian cool: the minimalism of TOTEME clothing

Scandinavian cool: the minimalism of TOTEME clothing

It’s hard to think about 21st-century fashion without acknowledging the immense Scandinavian influence. From Pernille Teisbaek, Caroline Brasch-Nielsen, Emily Sindlev, to Sophia Roe… A whole new aesthetic arc emerged, setting visual trends that guide today’s fashion. The secret magnetism of this generation of bloggers and influencers lies in the simplicity of their clothing mixed with striking elements. It’s a search for simplicity and comfort, known in the North as hygge, elevated in dialogue with fashion expression.

At the forefront of this movement are brands like Ganni, Cecilie B. Hansen, and of course, TOTEME clothing.

TOTEME is a clothing brand founded in New York by a Swedish couple, Elin Kling and Karl Lindman. Since its establishment in 2014, based in Stockholm, this contemporary fashion house has its roots in Swedish sensibilities, modern aspirations, and a unique notion of style.

The story of TOTEME clothing…

…begins with the couple's clear vision: to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe for women, built with timeless pieces that adapt to any lifestyle. Kling, a former blogger and fashion journalist, and Lindman, a former art director, combined their talents and extensive experiences to form their brand. Today, the house is an emblem of understated luxury and sophistication.

The brand's entire concept revolves around functionality, minimalism, and high quality. The aim is for the longevity of its pieces, designed to be treasures in our wardrobe. The philosophy behind TOTEME clothing is to offer collections that transcend time, ensuring the relevance and adaptability of their collections season after season. This vision is reflected in the brand's dedication to the methodical reinterpretation of its most famous pieces, perfecting each design over time.

The TOTEME style…

…speaks of simplicity, elegance, and timelessness. The brand has earned a place in the fashion Olympus with pieces like its TOTEME striped shirt, scarves, and its famous TOTEME scarf coat. These pieces are, essentially, the foundation of the capsule wardrobe: versatile, combinable, and always relevant. The brand embodies pure, simple, and refined Nordic aesthetics, with each detail carefully considered.

The TOTEME woman is bold and aware, confident in her choices with garments that offer consistency and adaptability. Their collections are designed for women at all stages of life. The brand promotes the idea of an eternal wardrobe, where each piece is an investment to be valued and worn for years.

The brand has positioned itself as the top choice for those seeking the much-desired Scandi cool or Nordic style. With distinctive silhouettes, precise cuts, and premium fabrics, the house crafts pieces that function in the everyday lives of its clients.

Its responsible luxury…

…is supported by its commitment to sustainability. The brand has adopted responsible practices reflecting its values, dedicated to minimising environmental impact. The Swedish label faithfully follows the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, collaborating with leading organisations to guide its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress indicators.

Among TOTEME clothing's sustainable priorities is reducing its carbon footprint. This involves using renewable energy in its facilities and implementing technologies to minimise sample production. The brand also strives to use preferred fibres* (natural, organic, recycled, or biodegradable). In the 2023/2024 period, 83% of its fibres were preferred, with a goal of reaching 100% by 2025. Additionally, the company is a member of organisations like the Leather Working Group and Fur Free Retailer, adhering to strict policies to ensure animal welfare.

*Term created by the Textile Exchange organisation, defining raw materials that offer “beneficial outcomes and impacts for the climate, nature, and people” compared to traditional ones.

The TOTEME community…

…is another fundamental pillar of a brand steering contemporary fashion. The brand fosters a culture of well-being and collaboration both internally and externally, ensuring everyone feels seen and welcome. The house seeks to guarantee fair and safe working conditions at every step of its supply chain, promoting diversity and inclusion in its workplace. Transparency in accountability is essential to achieve its status as a conscious fashion brand.

TOTEME clothing has carved a niche in the collective imagination of the industry by combining the timeless elegance of Scandinavian style with a strong commitment to sustainability. Its creation of the ultimate capsule wardrobe and dedication to responsible practices position it as a leading choice. Its philosophy is clear, and its execution, transparent and meticulous.

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