Toteme Women's Clothing


Slouch waist dress

650 €


Bikini bottoms

120 €


Bikini top

120 €


Long-sleeve shirt

246 € 410 €


TOTEME is a unique occurrence in fashion that, subsequently, is garnering followers and attention left and right thanks to their brand philosophy and the quality of their products. The TOTEME clothing idea is to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe; a timeless collection of items for the modern woman whatever her rhythm of life may be, that is adaptable, comfortable and universally matching between pieces and seasons. 

Founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman in 2014, the Stockholm based contemporary label focuses on adapting to the needs of the modern woman, which is every woman. The woman of today has a full range of motion, choosing her priorities and living the entire scope of human experience. TOTEME clothing is aimed at fulfilling all those moments and needs, adapting to women seasonally worldwide with consistent style and timeless approach. 

The TOTEME clothing style

The TOTEME woman is brave in her choices and confident in her fashion. Focusing the attention on the atemporality of their collections, the quality and feel of the TOTEME items stands for longevity and wise choices. In their words, a transeasonal approach is made to overcome trends in fashion is key to aid their clients in making more conscious choices and having a sense of consistency in their wardrobe and in their life. Clients can always trust TOTEME, an epitome of cool Scandinavian style with clean aesthetics and design, to produce collections that hold their core aesthetic and quality whilst remaining modern and relevant. 

A major player in the wave of Northern European brands dominating the fashion world, the TOTEME brand is a contemporary reliable brand for timeless, capsule wardrobe choices that very much align with our core philosophy as a company: choosing items for you to treasure in your wardrobe forever. 

We do like to create capsule selections that combine both timeless and trendy pieces. The concept of trends in fashion is in itself renewable, as fashion trends in history have repeatedly come back, old becomes new and timeless gets constantly redefined. However, despite trends and repetitions, a good collection of clean essentials and basics in one’s wardrobe is an infallible recipe for success. Their consistent fit for any occasion means it is appreciated through one's changes in life. 

A good capsule wardrobe, that builds upon adjacent collections like TOTEME does, is a trick as old as time to have perennially stylish, sophisticated and chic style. On another note, it is perfect for traveling, as it saves us from having to overthink our travel outfits. A good collection of essentials in your wardrobe is a tip by the most famous stylists, celebrities and style icons of the world. So, start shopping for your ideal capsule collection with TOTEME fashion or TOTEME clothing, a perfect way to kickstart your closet and acquire pieces that you will treasure and cherish forever. 

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