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Article: Key pieces for your summer outfits

Key pieces for your summer outfits

Applicable from A Coruña to Thailand.

During summer, we often find ourselves standing in front of our wardrobes, unsure of what to wear. The key? Build a summer capsule wardrobe with interchangeable pieces. Here in Northern Spain, summer style needs to include cardigans and jumpers due to our ever-changing weather. However, all climates can benefit from a summer capsule wardrobe.

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with stylish and comfortable garments. Our summer collection features luxury brands such as LOEWE, Gucci, Max Mara, Self-Portrait, The Row, Extreme Cashmere, and Jacquemus.

In addition to these brands, what pieces make up a trendy summer capsule wardrobe?

A White Summer Dress or Shirt Dress

The white summer dress is a seasonal must-have. Its lightness is very useful for dressing elegantly during holidays. All with simplicity and little effort.

Valentino, Self-Portrait, TOTEME, The Row… These brands continually explore the elegance and simplicity of the white summer dress. These types of dresses can be worn on countless occasions, from a casual evening at home to a dinner with friends, an afternoon on the terrace, a boat ride, or even a party in Ibiza.

The final look will depend on the accessories you pair it with, from shoulder bags to summer baskets for women.

You can opt for long models for more formal celebrations, midi or short for daytime events. You could even choose a plain white shirt or one with details to pair with pleated trousers and Roman sandals instead of a dress, achieving the same airy, light, and elegant effect.

The Basket Bag or Raffia Basket Bag 

Who can forget that image of Jane Birkin strolling through the avenues of Paris with her shopping basket? The summer basket bag is ideal for much more than just the beach. Spacious designs are perfect for using as a shopping bag, for carrying bread and daily purchases in true Birkin style.

The raffia basket is a summer essential that adds a bohemian touch to our look. Brands like The Row and LOEWE are among the most sought after for this classic accessory, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The raffia basket bag is perfect for a picnic in the park, morning errands in the city, or a trip to the beach and pool.

This accessory is practical due to its capacity, adding texture to our wardrobe thanks to the natural component of raffia. Find a wide seasonal selection of basket bags from top brands on our website.

Women's Sandals

Women's sandals are the quintessential summer footwear, worn (almost) since Roman times for their comfort and adaptability during the hot season. Their lightness makes them the perfect touch for summer looks.

LOEWE, Isabel Marant, The Row… These brands incorporate women’s sandals into their essence, presenting an adaptable and cosmopolitan vision of this classic footwear. Their designs range from minimalist to studded, strapped, and braided details.

High-quality materials like leather ensure durability and a fit that molds to your foot with use. Slide sandals are ideal for wearing with dresses, skirts, shorts, or even jeans. Their sound when walking reminds us of the arrival of summer and good weather.

Find your women’s sandals here.

A Fine-Knit Cardigan

Although summer is associated with warmer temperatures, the evenings can be cool. In the North, we know this well. Having a fine-knit cardigan at hand, which adjusts its warmth with buttoning and unbuttoning, allows for better temperature control with a piece that has been gaining traction in recent seasons.

The fine-knit women’s cardigan, or even a thicker knit for those living in more variable climates, is your best ally for combating overly cool breezes ideally. These knitted cardigans are perfect for wearing over dresses and shirts. For an elevated look, you can tie it over your shoulders when not in use.

Brands like Extreme Cashmere, Bottega Veneta, and Max Mara offer luxury cardigans with impeccable softness and design. Opt for neutral colours like camel, military green, beige, navy blue, black, white, or grey to easily combine them with any piece.

Explore women's knitwear.

A Raffia Hat

The raffia hat or cap is an ideal accessory derived from traditional techniques along the world's coasts. To protect yourself from the sun in style, brands like Jacquemus and LOEWE offer modern versions of this summer classic, combining functionality and a luxurious air. A raffia hat not only protects your face from UV rays but also adds an ultra-modern touch to your look.

Jacquemus, Max Mara, and TOTEME offer a variety to choose from based on your preference and face type. This accessory is ideal for the beach, walks under blue skies, or outdoor events.

Explore raffia hats here.


Women's Jewellery and Accessories

As the finishing touch to a woman’s summer look, complete any outfit with jewellery to add elegance and composition. Jewellery from luxury brands like Gucci, Max Mara, Prada, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta, and Saint Laurent is available in our stores to cater to our diverse clientele.

You can always find standout pieces with inlays, like Gucci jewellery, or more monochromatic and conceptual items from Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta. Among the most sought after are drop earrings or Bottega Veneta drop earrings.

Generally, summer jewellery should be light and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy every moment without worrying about losing it.


- In summer, choose lightness and simplicity whenever possible.

- Opt for branded sunglasses and pair them with raffia hats to protect yourself from the sun (even if the sky is cloudy).

- White is one of the most significant summer colours. You can choose beige, camel, and brown tones to stand out from the most used colour.

- Remember to clean your leather and raffia accessories with a cloth after taking them to the beach to prolong their life.

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