Straight from the 80s American trends, Autry Supervintage is a capsule within the brand's sneaker collection that gives them a more personal touch and has a much smaller and more exclusive distribution.

The American giant has given its iconic footwear a luxurious profile with designs for Autry Supervintage.

Autry Supervintage men

The new Autry Supervintage collection for men revisits their classic models: the Autry Dallas, the Autry Open and the Autry Medalist. This revisit is handmade through a vintage effect to each and every pair of shoes, making this luxury aging on the shoes completely unique to every pair.

Their shoes, based around athlete culture in the 80s and 90s United States, have a unique, sporty aesthetic that has earned the brand quite the loyal following. 

What makes Autry shoes so luxurious?

Italian techniques, incredible materials, toweling fabrics on the inside… The extreme comfort of Autry sneakers will make you want to wear them again and again.

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