Canada Goose Women's clothing

Canada Goose

Aurora down jacket

1.395 €

Canada Goose

Marlow padded coat

1.350 €

Canada Goose

Chelsea parka

1.195 €


Each and every step of the production process of a Canada Goose women’s jacket boasts mastery of their legendary outerwear. Their protection against extreme cold temperatures, provided at large by the origin of their down fillings, has propelled them into a status of symbol in winter clothes. The Canada Goose down jacket for women is quite the extended and successful wardrobe essential.

What stands behind the Canada Goose coats for women

Thirteen are the hands through which each Canada Goose must go through to make it into our stores. Each of these workers will vividly test all the smallest details of the piece, including zippers, pockets, buttons and clasps and of course, the seams in the Canada Goose women coat. The name and the down of the coats from this iconic label come from, indeed, Canadian geese. The regions of origin of this species makes the thickness of their plumage especially dense. The animals are cared for under the strictest rules of humane care and treatment, further elevating the quality standards of the brand. These, after all, make up the legendary shelter these jackets provide against extreme temperatures.

For Canada Goose, their ethical commitment for the sustainability of their productions has become a priority. From recycling materials and down fillings, to the complete rejection of real furs, Canada Goose jackets have set themselves on a main pillar of current fashion: a commitment to Earth and our future.

With all that, it is made evident why a Canada Goose jacket is a safe bet for women. Pieces that are meticulously tried, revised and tested; firm commitment to resource optimization and the planet, and a quality that has won over clients all over the world. These all guarantee that a Canada Goose jacket for women will by far fulfill all expectations.

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