Nomadic, free spirited, easy, modern… The Chloé brand has now, for well over half a century, paved the way for the ultimate easy going French woman style. A style that rejuvenates and appeals to young souls, the Chloé woman is inspiring in her own right. She holds a mystery that keeps you hooked, and in her own journey through womanhood she lives by her own rules and desires.

Gabriela Heasrt, the Uruguayan designer that took over Chloé in 2020, has been the reason Chloé took its entire legacy and linked it to the future of fashion sustainability. Ms. Hearst has brought her ethical commitments from her own personal work to the powerhouse that is Chloé fashion. From circular denim lines, to sustainably sourced elements in her clothes all the way through the incredible Chloé Nama sneakers (a hit in sustainable footwear), Gabriela Heasrt has completely revolutionized the Chloé fashion brand.

Chloé fashion at Ottodisanpietro

The lighthearted luxury that is the Chloé fashion brand can be found in all its phases at Ottodisanpietro. Our curations of Chloé are broad, and what keeps reeling people in is the understated, romantic luxury all pieces have. In the Chloé bags and Chloé shoes department, namely Chloé accessories at large, the modern twists of the classic craftsmanship of the brand is most salient.

The novelty of the Chloé brand is truly in the timeless approach of such philosophical freedom. As fashion for thinkers, Chloé fashion is made to explore the ease and simplicity of true luxury. Luxury needs not more than to represent freedom, style and a consistent quality in the best materials and styles. This deeply represents the Ottodisanpietro woman, who is at once a treasure seeker and a seasonless dresser. The universal beauty of the Chloé clothes, Chloé bags and Chloé shoes reflects the core of our own philosophy in a subtle, soft and romantic way.

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