The Ganni momentum is here to stay. The Danish contemporary brand has completely changed the fashion game, becoming the first brand to achieve an actual social media viral status. Their famous banana print dress and their army of the utmost cool Scandinavian influencers turned a small sweater business into a global empire with branches all over the world. Ditte and Nicola Reffstrup took over the enterprise in 2009, bringing their design and business experience to work and transforming it into a worldwide sensation.

Sustainability is also at the very core of their brand. As a pioneer in the field, in many more ways than just one, the Ganni spirit is one that

The presence of this international label in our stores brought a new sense of modern freshness to our collections. Ganni knows how to, without compromising quality and design, present hit products season after season that encompass the needs of today’s world. Their quirky, youthful creations and incessant command of technology is becoming increasingly popular thanks to their Scandinavian spirit. This is a philosophy that gained traction in the mid 2010s, thanks to their simplicity and cozy aesthetic. However, Ganni stands out amongst the Scandinavian brands for, one, command of technology and, two, their drive to create unique yet highly wearable pieces. 

Ganni T-Shirts, Ganni bags, Ganni shoes, Ganni dresses and more at Ottodisanpietro

Our selection brings the core of the Ganni womenswear identity into our stores. From it-bags and items of clothing, to the latest patterns and the most playful accessories, the new collections of Ganni have been incoming since 2020.

Their youthful approach actually covers all bases, since their mix of viral, sensational designs with everyday pieces makes them stand out in a world of much competition. The newer collections continue to impress viewers with their positive, lighthearted and oftentimes daring approach that reflects personality and also business intelligence. Their market is diverse, and clients at Ottodisanpietro love Ganni for their sensational accessories

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