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Hubert de Givenchy began his own label in the 1960s to the goal of defying the conservative fashion of his time. Fast forward 60 years later, the brand continues to lead a constant revolution in the luxury fashion world.

At the very core of the French house, is a soul of change, of exploration of the underground and twisting of the current rules. With this spirit, Givenchy menswear has become some of the most daring in the fashion industry. Now led by Matthew Williams, the brand evolved into a reference point for menswear. 

A reinvention of shapes and outerwear: Givenchy men

New volumes and shapes in outerwear shape the future of givenchy. Layers, metallic details, goth-underground moods that combine tougher looks for daring man and the ultimate new silhouettes for the modern man, wearable by everyone and anyone. The youthful direction of the brand under Matthew Williamson does not forget its more mature customers and provides original shapes without losing its clean, simplistic elegance. 

Givenchy men clothing: a new way for essentials

Givenchy men essentials and wardrobe staples are universal yet filled with the new codes and language of the Givenchy man. Visual language like the brand new 4G monogram is decisive in representing an instantly recognizable icon for the dissemination of the label’s clothes. The 4G finds its way to dress shirts Givenchy and detailed embroidered logos, patches on Givenchy shoes and Givenchy sweatshirts, logos on shoes…

Givenchy men shoes: from another world

The futuristic vision in Givenchy is seen in footwear like nowhere else. Their all-terrain Givenchy men shoes are exemplary in terms of reinventing classic shapes and adding new perspectives on otherwise functional footwear, such as sneakers. The voluminous, almost chunky yet dynamic look of Givenchy shoes for men have become one of the most coveted models in the fashion industry, conquering the hearts of the younger generations across the world.

Givenchy jewelry

Givenchy rings and Givenchy bracelets and Givenchy necklaces follow the brands futuristic yet underground aesthetic lines. Chunky pieces, monochromatics models and clean designs populate the shelves of Givenchy jewelry. 

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