Named after the river next to their original factory, the Herno brand is now synonymous with the best European luxury. Herno jackets women and Herno coats have become leaders due to the severity of the weather that saw them being born. Or, dare we say, the humidity.

Giuseppe Marenzi y Alessandra Diana turned a particularly watery season into a brand that is popular amongst other luxury brands themselves. It originally began producing exceptional outerwear for other luxury labels, until one day their son decided to build something solely for their own brand. Herno went from being the main source of premium quality production for all the main French and Italian houses to becoming the number one seller of functional outerwear pieces.

The extreme quality and functionality of the Herno pieces, who champion value and use over appearance, comes from their intrinsic link to water. The pieces were in fact born to protect from climate inclemencies, namely the heavy rains. Their imagery (classic, wholesome and straight to the point) reflects the true spirit of the brand: pieces that work, that are functional, that deliver what they promise. Their success has since branched out into other categories of clothing.

Herno coats at Ottodisanpietro

Herno is a quintessential brand in our stores, and quite fitting for our own local weather. In our rainy city of A Coruña, we proudly carry items to protect us from our own moody weather. Many other populations around the world benefit from the pieces by Herno coats and Herno jackets. Our curators select the most amazing pieces by the brand, both in neutral timeless tones and in vibrant hues for those most daring.

The new works by the brand continue down this line of functional looks that serve a classic touch without forgetting about the true essence of the house: protection from the rain. The Herno coats, named after the river passing by the factory, have become the epitome of winter pieces and carry a family legacy far beyond their origin. 

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