Isabel Marant Women's clogs


Isabel Marant

Thalie leather clogs

175 € 350 €


Isabel Marant clogs are one of the most distinctive footwear pieces from Isabel Marant. This model seamlessly combines the history of a classic footwear with style and trend. Clogs have a long history, being one of the oldest known footwear styles. The earliest known models date back to ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and the Romans. Originally, clogs were conceived as work shoes for those working in the fields, thanks to their wooden construction and the protection provided by the toe caps. Centuries later, clogs have become a widespread fashion trend.


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Isabel Marant, the famous French designer, has managed to capture the rustic essence of clogs and merge it with her own distinct cool and French filter. Her leather clogs with wooden soles are characterised by the combination of high-quality materials and a minimalist yet sophisticated approach. Isabel Marant clogs stand out for their timeless design, with carefully placed rivets.

In recent years, clogs have experienced a notable comeback in the world of fashion. Their comfort and versatility make them the ideal choice for a variety of customers, from those seeking casual footwear to those looking to incorporate them into more formal outfits. As a result, their freshness and comfort have made them favourites among many customers who seek practical footwear with Marant's signature style.

Trends like clogs have been embraced by celebrities and industry authorities, driving their popularity in international fashion. Their presence in magazine editorials has further boosted their popularity. They are a perfect and universal choice for those seeking to add a touch of style and originality to their wardrobe. Isabel Marant clogs have become a new symbol of style, combining the rustic aesthetic of clogs with Isabel's contemporary and elegant touch.

Marant's clogs are one of her most iconic and universal pieces. The designs seamlessly blend chic aesthetics with the comfort of this footwear style. The modern and sophisticated design captures the essence of traditional clogs, making them an essential footwear choice.
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