Isabel Marant Women's earrings


Jewellery is one of the last frontiers to explore within the luxury fashion world. More and more brands are venturing into this space to reflect their personality and creative identity in a compact form. This expression of the brand's DNA ranges from the simplest to the most expressive and intricate pieces.

Isabel Marant's jewellery has the youthful and playful touch of the designer, embodying a woman who believes that the expression of style should not be subject to seasonal trends. In fact, Isabel Marant earrings stand out as a timeless trend.

Isabel Marant Earrings at OTTODISANPIETRO jewellery

The new lines of jewellery from top brands find a space in our stores and website to showcase their full potential and creative expression. The jewellery section at OTTODISANPIETRO curates a selection of items that contribute to the idea of discreet elegance.

Isabel Marant's earrings, necklaces, and pendants function as an extension of her free-spirited approach to fashion. Their colours and shapes remind us of the timeless and fresh spirit of the woman for whom she designs. Isabel Marant's jewellery creations are suitable for both daily wear and as accessories for formal and evening ensembles.

Jewellery is a key element in creating not only an outfit but also a personal aesthetic in general. Each individual's style is composed of a series of short, medium, and long-term decisions. From what we wear on a daily basis to what we consider "fashion" and "sophistication," the ways in which we choose to represent ourselves are a culmination of choices made day after day. Jewellery is a way to explore our personal expression on a small scale, with additions that are generally subtle but can play a key and prominent role in our ensembles.

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