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Isabel Marant Women's jumpers

Gaelo jumperGaelo jumperGaelo jumperGaelo jumper
Sale price295 € Regular price590 €
Basile jumperBasile jumperBasile jumperBasile jumperBasile jumper
Sale price275 €
Benny jumperBenny jumperBenny jumperBenny jumperBenny jumper
Sale price450 €
Gaelo jumperGaelo jumperGaelo jumperGaelo jumperGaelo jumper
Sale price295 € Regular price590 €
Tane jumperTane jumperTane jumperTane jumperTane jumper
Sale price445 € Regular price890 €

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At OTTODISANPIETRO, you can discover one of the pieces that made Isabel Marant famous: the Isabel Marant jumper, a perfect fusion of her cosy style and sophisticated French-chic aesthetic. With her personal focus on comfort without compromising elegance, this renowned designer has conquered the world of knitwear from the beginning with her timeless and distinctive creations.

Isabel Marant's journey as a designer traces back to her early years in Northern France, where she started experimenting with creating her own pieces and developing her own style. Inspired by the essence of French fashion, with comfort as a priority, Marant quickly gained a place in the industry once she moved to Paris. Thanks to her consistency and confident vision, she carved her path as the new cool brand from Paris.

Isabel Marant sweater at OTTODISANPIETRO woman

The softness and cosy design of these sweaters are among the highlights of Isabel Marant's collection. As one of the brand's star pieces, they are designed to embrace the body with utmost softness, providing a feeling of warmth and comfort on cold days. The responsible and high-quality materials used, such as merino wool, cotton, and cashmere, ensure a luxurious and durable final product.

In fact, Isabel Marant began her solo journey with a knitwear label. The Twen brand, created by Isabel Marant in 1994, was her first independent project. Twen was quickly replaced by the mainline we know today. However, the essence of the young brand's knitwear pieces remains in the current collection, reflecting the artisanal savoir-faire that accompanied her from the beginning.

Isabel Marant's international success, opening her first store in New York in 2010, has largely been due to her loyalty to the essence of the coolest French bohemian style. Her creations consistently offer a touch of effortlessness combined with elegance, showcasing an effortless yet sophisticated approach that has enamoured people from all corners of the world.

Isabel Marant sweaters embody the perfect blend of cosy and comfortable style with French bohemian-chic. From its humble beginnings to its international popularity, the designer has left an irreplaceable mark on contemporary fashion.