Jacob Cohen men's clothing


The jeans of Jacob Cohën have long surpassed the label of ‘staple’. The brand has become synonymous with luxury denim, and is now one of our most sought after names for premium jeans with comfort and high quality.

Their production batches are made to ensure the least possible chemical use, thus providing more sustainable options for a piece that could otherwise have been quite wasteful. With this premise and a multifunctional approach, the first luxury denim company was born. Since 1985, the brand has propelled jeans to elegant heights, proposing new models and fits each season that are meant to fit any occasion. This includes the more formal ones.

Jacob Cohën men jeans: a whole new level of details

Each pair of Jacob Cohën is made in an atelier in Italy, providing both the techniques and the means for a sartorial finish in the brand’s iconic denim wear. Jacob Cohen jeans are a new height in the scale of luxury jeans. As the first brand of luxury denim, the focus on, in their own words ´´almost obsessive´´ attention to detail, jewel buttons and sartorial finishes that round-up the complete luxury feel of these staple jeans.

The new wave of luxury jeans is meant to follow not just the acquisition of a project, but the acquisition of a mindset, of a lifestyle. The effortless yet premium quality nature of Jacob Cohën jeans is meant to accompany the all-terrain man. A man who is a business person but also a homebody, and adventurer but also someone who wants to sit at a cafe and wander far out realms within books.

Jacob Cohën jeans are a model of modern luxury: sustainable, philosophical, contemporary and, with their perfumed models, they become a model brand for other denim brands to follow. 

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