Men Buckled Shoes

Men buckle shoes or Monk shoes

Men buckled shoes are a menswear classic. Originally used by monks (hence their other name), they differ from Derby shoes in that they lack lace and eyelets, but rather fasten with a frontal or side buckle. 

The history of the monk shoes & other men buckle shoes

Men monk shoes or monk shoes for men became popular in the 1920s, with models having between one and three buckles. Most common are single-buckle men shoes, but the double buckled models add a touch of sophistication. Men buckled shoes are the quintessential men monk shoes. 

Monk shoes for men are excellent alternatives to derby shoes or oxford models for suits. Their longer soles visually enlarge the appearance of our footwear, which means loser cuts on pants will help us keep the proportions of our feet. 

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