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Men's coats

Spread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coatSpread-collar trench coat
Long trench coatLong trench coatLong trench coatLong trench coatLong trench coatLong trench coat
Sale price2.490 €
Highbridge trench coatHighbridge trench coatHighbridge trench coatHighbridge trench coat
Sale price1.990 €
Coat in wool and cashmereCoat in wool and cashmere

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The style of The Row clothing

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Welcome, Isabel Marant Menswear

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A good statement coat can completely change the style and vibe of an outfit. The best men’s streetwear coats are by brands of all styles, who often come together to sell mesmerizing pieces. Our favorite labels include a mashup of styles and looks that, regardless of the wearer and mood, can become striking streetwear pieces

The novelty of some of these pieces is their new decontextualization. Modern clothing is gaining versatility by losing its original intended purpose and transforming into everyday pieces. This can be seen particularly with streetwear, that is a specialist in decontextualizing workwear and sports gear and making it the ultimate trend of the season each time.  

The trend of the men’s streetwear coats

As stated in earlier posts, we can’t see streetwear going anywhere anytime soon simply because streetwear is as concise as it is ever-changing and evolving. Whilst our current concept of streetwear is mostly very specific, it wasn’t the same a decade ago, and it won’t be the same in another 10 years. However, it will always be streetwear. The constant change and evolution of a style dictated by the streets and urban cultures rather is bound to continue with the consistent crave for self expression in new generations. 

Statement coats, outerwear and men’s streetwear coats are a big player in the streetwear market because they are some of the most visible, usable and potentially most striking pieces in an outfit. An uninspired look can be completely elevated to the trendiest of fashion’s zenits by adding on a statement men’s streetwear coat

Gucci, Prada, Moncler and OAMC are just some of the brands available at Ottodisanpietro that present consistent collections of streetwear coats. These coats are often viewed as hits of the season, translating into everything visual from campaigns, editorials, ads and commercials, fashion show front rows and in forn of the lenses of international streetwear photographers. These pieces take front and center because the power of their looks and designs implies a certain well-roundedness to create iconic modern looks. 

Streetwear coats at Ottodisanpietro man

You can find in our stores broad selections of picks from the best creators of statement coats in the world. For the modern man, owning a pair or two of solid streetwear coats reflects back a certain attitude of today. It is a current essential with the needs of life in the 21st century, meaning the fast pace of today demands a solid and consistent wardrobe with more options for the day to day. 

Statement coats and men’s streetwear coats are always a precious purchase. Find your perfect options at Ottodisanpietro.