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Mother women's clothing

The Smarty Pant Skimp JeansThe Smarty Pant Skimp JeansThe Smarty Pant Skimp JeansThe Smarty Pant Skimp JeansThe Smarty Pant Skimp Jeans

Blog posts

The History of Women's Designer Bags

The History of Women's Designer Bags

It's hard to think about fashion without picturing a magnificent designer handbag. Women's designer handbags have been with us for centuries, gradually becoming a symbol of status. Major fashion h...

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New Men's Designer Brands

New Men's Designer Brands

Just before the opening of our women’s store at Juana de Vega, 6 (A Coruña), our second store welcomed new men’s designer brands. These names encapsulate an undeniable fact in recent fashion tren...

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Bottega Veneta bags: Living legends of craftsmanship

Bottega Veneta bags: Living legends of craftsmanship

When Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro founded Bottega Veneta in 1966, launching it the following year, they had a clear vision: to make craftsmanship their brand's hallmark. Over 50 years later, ...

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A favourite of the supermodels (and that is saying a lot). Mother denim was born out of Lela Becker and Tim Kæling’s run in the denim world, mixing California cool girl style with current denim needs. The house explores unique forms of language and an ode to youth rebellion through their clothing. Based out of Los Angeles, the intersection of business intelligence and free spirit has paved their way for denim success. 

The name of the brand is in itself representative of what the brand stands for. The term evokes nurture, but also obligation, care at the same time as authority and a certain need to rebel against imposed norms. 

Mother denim and clothing at Ottodisanpietro

Our collections of Mother jeans bring about the freshness of a young brand with a free spirit whilst maintaining the necessary exclusive quality we ask of our labels. Far from unconnected denim wear, each collection is made with a story behind, yet still maintaining that air of freedom and need for informality. The brand wants you to have fun and evoke your inner teenager, which in turn is favoured by the comfort and luxury of their denim jeans. 

We bring you the best of the house for your daily life, caring for shapes and cuts that we know our clients will love and wear, and always betting on newer options for those who dare to rebel. Each pair has its own name, with some becoming staples like Tomcat, the Rascal or the Hustler jeans. Find your favourite style with our broad collection of jeans by Mother.

Other than impeccable style and a youthful soul, the brand established back in 2010 is strongly committed to sustainability through local production (over 95% of their items are made and manufactured with local talent in Los Angeles), upcycling and a number of charitable collaborations.