OAMC menswear champions the modern man. Founded by Luke Meier, from Supreme and Jil Sander, and Arnaud Faeh in 2013, the brand represents a source of freshness and youthfulness in today’s luxury fashion. Military style, clean aesthetic and luxurious pieces makeup up the thick of this fashion menswear powerhouse based in Italy. Known for their futuristic, graphic symbolism and the simplicity of their image, OAMC menswear is a young brand to look out for.

The codes of the OAMC universe

From silk patches on the back of their essentials, to minimalistic logos, to recycled military blankets all the way through unique, straightforward collections and consistent design. OAMC is a leader of contemporary menswear fashion on all fronts.

The silk patches on the back of OAMC shirts and OAMC t-shirts represent the label’s attention to understated, simple detail. These pieces of silk often represent the brand’s logo or other graphic motifs often with a special storytelling behind. Storytelling is central to the brand’s collections, as the acronym OAMC stands for a different sentence each season: Organic And Manmade Content, Our Abilities Mostly Constrained, Other Answers May Come… (O.A.M.C.).

Their RE:DONE line is one that revamps old military M65 blankets into new garments. These designs not only pushed for a much needed sustainability in the luxury sector, but also a set of unique creations that are different due to the previous usage of the fabrics. This results in singular pieces that not only transcend time, but also carry a story into their second life.

The house’s logo is splashed onto the different pieces of the OAMC world. Printed, embroidered, or as graphic patches, the sans serif logo replicates this simplicity that the brand is known for.

Their star product is their OAMC Liner quilted jackets, with a clear military cut and an endless array of combinations. The possibilities of the OAMC combat liner jackets are infinite, and their clean aesthetic makes them ideal for the modern man. 

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