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Article: Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring Outfit Ideas

We are in the midst of spring. Jasmine flowers are in full bloom, women’s raffia basket bags are everywhere to be seen on the streets, and there's a sense of growing positivity in the air. April, despite its unpredictable showers, brings us longer daylight hours (in the Northern Hemisphere) and fills us with excitement and hope for the future. Vacation time is approaching, outdoor gatherings are on the horizon, and evenings on terraces beckon.

Let's explore what OTTODISANPIETRO brands have in store for this new season of change, where the layers of winter transition into the textures and freshness of spring and summer.

With love, LOEWE 

The inspiration for their new collection? Men's formal wear. LOEWE's runway show for this spring unfolded as a tribute to masculine silhouettes, with a love for starched fabrics: polo collar lapels, men's shirts, suit pants...

In their ongoing fusion of masculine and feminine, Jonathan Anderson presents a collection where both ends of the spectrum seem to sway from one garment to another, from polos transformed into LOEWE dresses, to the classic LOEWE Flamenco bag now reimagined as the Flamenco Purse.

Silhouettes with blazers and crossed LOEWE jackets, pleated pants, and starched collars; all adorn the Spanish house's new summer proposal. All of this, of course, studied from structure and colour palette, always offering details of high interest such as gradients and faded effects on garments. The LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza 2024 collection will also be arriving soon.

Explore LOEWE clothing and LOEWE bags.

Do It The PRADA Way

The collective, the timeless, the constant. The reflection behind PRADA's new campaign speaks to time, the moment, the pause, the now, and its flow. This constant paradox between the now and the constant, between the unique and the collective, envelops a collection full of airy pieces and infinite fringes.

Raf Simons' influence is felt at PRADA. The brand's formal silhouettes are adorned with a new ethereal fluidity, characteristic of Raf Simons' creative path. The collection combines masculine silhouettes with elements such as the new PRADA Buckle Bag, a bag that has quickly become a favourite of the season. The leather buckle belt, a classic and timeless wardrobe staple, takes on a new prominence cinching the waist of jackets, as closures for modern bags, and as the finishing touch on skirts and PRADA trousers.

The campaign, Days of Prada, is a mosaic of photographs of models and artists. From house muses like Julia Nobis, Sora Choi, or Loli Bahia, to new figures in entertainment and PRADA ambassadors like Troye Sivan (who also frequently works with Miu Miu).

You can find the new PRADA clothing collection here.

TIBI Clothing

With 'creative pragmatism' as its flag, Amy Smilovic has built a space in TIBI where comfort always precedes formality. Inspired by a long chapter of her life in Hong Kong, Amy has founded a New York brand where so many women feel reflected.

TIBI clothing for this season takes comfort one step further: towards the art of being comfortable with oneself. The journey of self-discovery anchors us in the calm of our being even when things around us seem chaotic.

With this new apparent stoicism (built from positivity), TIBI clothing for 2024 allows us to relax our demeanour and settle into the curiosity of our most familiar spaces. Identity manifests itself in bolder silhouettes and volumes, reinforced by tailoring but with that typically New York sporty character. Experimenting with colour is built upon black and white tones, reinforcing the third dimension of exploring the colours of our existence.

Find TIBI clothing here.

Self-Portrait Dresses

Freshness, lightness, and romanticism. With Self-Portrait's new campaign featuring Jisoo (the Korean pop star from the group Black Pink), the brand and the artist make a statement about their global projection and connection with their roots. Both celebrate the triumph of aiming high and making dreams come true. Behind the London-based house is Han Chong, a young creative from Malaysia who built his dream in London. Han has founded his own initiative to provide scholarships to young creators of all kinds to pursue their dreams as he did.

Aligned perfectly, the essence of Jisoo FLOWER and Self-Portrait dresses intertwine in an image of delicacy, tranquillity, and sensitivity. Like a union of young creatives with a dream, the house's silhouettes emphasise their elegance and romanticism, with dresses that have already been worn by stars like Gigi Hadid.

Find the new Self-Portrait dress collection here.

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