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Tibi Women's Clothing

Newman jeansNewman jeansNewman jeansNewman jeansNewman jeans
Sale price272,50 € Regular price545 €
Stella trousersStella trousersStella trousersStella trousers
Sale price261 € Regular price435 €
Self-tie T-shirtSelf-tie T-shirt
Sale price195 €
Straight-leg trousersStraight-leg trousers
Sale price485 €
Ribbed topRibbed top
Sale price375 €
Sunray skirtSunray skirtSunray skirtSunray skirtSunray skirtSunray skirt
Sale price520 €
Pleated midi skirtPleated midi skirt
Sale price520 €
Giselle jumperGiselle jumperGiselle jumperGiselle jumperGiselle jumperGiselle jumper
Sale price435 €
Sporty trousersSporty trousersSporty trousersSporty trousersSporty trousersSporty trousers
Sale price485 €
Top with long bowTop with long bowTop with long bowTop with long bowTop with long bow
Sale price302,50 € Regular price605 €
Long-sleeved jumperLong-sleeved jumperLong-sleeved jumperLong-sleeved jumperLong-sleeved jumper
Sale price249 € Regular price415 €
Hooded jumper in cashmereHooded jumper in cashmereHooded jumper in cashmereHooded jumper in cashmereHooded jumper in cashmere
Sale price495 € Regular price990 €
Short-sleeve T-shirtShort-sleeve T-shirtShort-sleeve T-shirtShort-sleeve T-shirtShort-sleeve T-shirt
Sale price435 €
Lantern midi dressLantern midi dressLantern midi dressLantern midi dress
Sale price800 €
Murray trousersMurray trousersMurray trousersMurray trousers
Sale price327,50 € Regular price655 €

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Sometimes, a brand will do something so well that the world will demand much more from them, much like Tibi clothing. That is the story of Amy Smilovic, who founded Tibi in 1997 after experiencing life in Hong Kong. The simplicity and beauty of her environment inspired her to create a small line of dresses. Those dresses soon became an entire line of ready-to-wear line, balancing timelessness with innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what is daily wear. 

Based out of New York City, and with an active presence on social media, the brand has expanded to multiple markets and territories, including the wardrobes of key fashion figures. 

Their bio reads “Creative Pragmatism”, a philosophy under which her creations take on an expansive route in design and productions, all whilst maintaining the essence of what women want to wear today. 

Tibi clothing in our Ottodisanpietro woman’s store

Tibi is another one of those lines that starts and ends with the same principles we do: a balance between timelessness, sophistication and exquisite qualities on one side, and creativity, expression and a sense of newness on the other. 

The range produces essential classics reinvented each season, playing with how far one can go with cuts, silhouettes, designs, colour palettes and fit. As an extension of her own personality, Amy Smilovic is a vivid representation of reinvention and adaptability, proving that creativity and wearability are not opposites, but complementary.

At Tibi clothing, it’s the pieces that adapt to the wearer, and not the other way around. And it is this versatility and chameleonic quality in her clothing that represents what makes clients fall in love with the label. A perfect mix of the modern uniforms and interesting new views on shapes and proportions is what draws you in, the colour schemes make you stay, and the constant evolution and exquisite quality of the clothing is what will solidify anyone’s admiration for the house.