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Escentric 02

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Escentric Molecules fragrances are an extraordinary case. Launched in 2006, founder Geza Schoen turned an accidental discovery into a worldwide phenomenon. As a perfumer, he discovered the substance Iso E Super as a common denominator to all successful fragrances. After spraying the single chemical on himself for a night out and attracting unprecedented attention, he decided to launch a never-before-seen product: a fragrance with a 65% concentration of said molecule to create a fragrance that blends with each person’s body and creates a uniquely personal scent.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

The cult phenomenon has been hailed as fragrance of the 21st century, this formula focuses on a minimalist approach to scent formulation. In itself, it is the single molecule of Iso E Super in high concentration.

The M+ will add, on top of the molecule (M) another note like patchouli, rose, etc. The simplicity and minimalism of the house, meant to potentiate one’s own personal scent is created as one of the most unique fragrances in the world in both design, formulation and scent. The scent, as mentioned before, is a perfectly unique scent for each wearer. Thus, your own personal scent gets enhanced and turned into a weapon of true seduction.

In store, Molecule 01 and Escentric 01 are a staple, usually accompanied by other icons of the house like the consecutive Molecule 02, Molecule 03… Each one will have a unique scent on a person’s body, meaning no two people will have the same final product when using Escentric Molecules.

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