Jacquemus socks


At OTTODISANPIETRO, one of the regular accessories each season are Jacquemus socks. Their colors, logos, and vibrant design make them favorites among customers in all our stores. Whether for men or women, neutral models and pops of color adorn feet and ankles with the brand's socks.

Jacquemus and colors have been closely intertwined from the beginning. Although a significant part of their collections involve neutral color palettes, earth tones, beige, white, and even black, it has been their bursts of color that have made them favorites among many followers.

Jacquemus Socks at OTTODISANPIETRO 

In general, Jacquemus socks models are unisex. The only thing that might differentiate the various designs is the availability of sizes, which tend to be smaller for women. These differences in sizes do not prevent our customers from enjoying a wide range of colors related to the brand's vibrant design.

The earliest records of socks date back to before the 8th century BC. Made from wool or even leather, resembling a kind of boots, their main function was to keep feet warm and provide thermal insulation.

Over time, advancements in manufacturing techniques and international textile trade became significant for socks and previous clothing. Fabrics became thinner but more effective. Stockings and socks started to become symbols of social status based on the complexity of their designs, adorned with lace and various types of satin. With the Industrial Revolution, socks began to be worn by a larger number of people.

What was once a functional piece and later a status symbol began to diversify its models due to the ease of mass production. There were now more resources for researching different fibers, each with its own intended purpose. Today, we know that natural fibers like cotton and wool are much better for our health and for the health of our feet.

In recent years, socks have once again gained undeniable prominence in personal style. This is where Jacquemus socks come into play. Their colors and visual appeal make them fly off our shelves quickly.
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