Loewe Men's Shirts


Much in line with the rest of their universe, the Loewe shirts present both an experimental and a classic approach to their Loewe shirts. Loewe is a brand for which styling creates the most viral, otherworldly scenarios. This remains one of Loewe’s many smart branding decisions, as the pieces then appeal to both those with more simplistic taste and those advocating for the creativity and utopian nature of fashion.

Loewe shirts are one more building block of J.W. Anderson’s Loewe. His shirts have conquered the hearts of many generations, achieved through bringing his own joie de vivre to the historical tradition of the Spanish house.

What can you find in our selection of Loewe men shirts ?

Following our know-how when it comes to selecting premium fashion, our approach is to bet on classic pieces in Loewe shirts, paired with trends and innovations like patchwork, graphic styles, new cuts, oversized fits, etc.

The newer versions of the shirts incorporate Loewe shirts in collaborations with artists and smaller ateliers, for which Loewe is known for working with consistently.

At Ottodisanpietro, both online and in store, what you will find is updated selections of diverse variety. From more formal, dress shirts in plain, basic designs to Loewe’s more innovative, modern versions of shirts made to be worn on the daily.

Elements in Loewe shirts

What makes Loewe shirts unique to Loewe is a play with colors and shapes, as well as the use of the house’s logo in creative ways. Following the Anagram’s success, a symbol of unequivocal belonging to the Loewe brand, it brings about the gorgeous new shapes in the Loewe house by playing with the emblem and printing it, embroidering it, creating new interpretations of said logo and bringing it even as a detail into their most classic shirts. This means that even the most classic of designs in Loewe shirts will still be identifiable as uniquely Loewe by those who pay attention to detail.

Since elegance is mostly discreet, the play with hidden logos and embroideries ties in very well with one of our core founding philosophies as well as with Loewe’s appeal to more formal occasions and more classic generations. 

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