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Men's Vests

GG logo-print padded vestGG logo-print padded vest
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GG-jacquard diamond-quilt giletGG-jacquard diamond-quilt gilet

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Gilets for men and vests for men, as one of the oldest pieces of clothing, have gone through a transformation and evolution taking over an important part of the fashion world. Gilets and vests for men are one of the most diverse pieces in the men’s fashion department, including suit vests, down and outerwear gilets, knitwear vests… Vests and gilets for men come in many shapes, forms, sizes, fabrics and styles.

First and foremost, let us talk about the name ‘gilet’. Deriving from French, or from Turkish yelek, gilet is the British English word for this piece. In American English, the name used is mostly vest or waistcoat. You will see these terms used interchangeably on the internet. 

Although gilets are mostly used as an intermediate layer for suits and as an extra layer of warmth in friskier weather, the concept of sleeveless tops has gained traction throughout history. It was King Charles the II of England in the 17th Century who, in an attempt to (allegedly) surpass King Louis XIV of France, introduced the waistcoat to his court as the new uniform. As it evolved to fit the various tasks of men, who were the original single bearers of vests, it came closer to the shapes and styles we know today. 

Men’s vests, men’s gilets and men’s waiscoats

Different vests are associated with different styles, and these could not be more different apart from the standard men’s vest shape of a straight sided, sleeveless piece that usually reaches the waist. Down vests have evolved to become lighter and more efficient with time, providing multiple times the warmth with less and less volume. Brands like Canada Goose men’s vests and Canada Goose men’s Waistcoats and Moncler vests and Moncler men’s waistcoats are masters of creating trendy down men’s vests each season in the most luxurious qualities and modern finishes. With the advent of more conscious times, both brands have each signed solid commitments to the bettering of their productions, with policies of traceability and recycling of materials to produce the perennial collections. Both brands are not just at the forefront of menswear fashion and men’s vest and men’s waistcoats, but they are also providing a light for the future of the fashion industry by leading the change into sustainability and a cohesive future. 

Other vests are the classic suit vests for three-piece suits. In store, you will often find them already as part of full men suit sets by our popular brands, especially Canali suits and Etro suits. Prada suits are also a habitual presence in our stores, all producing the finest quality men’s vest and men’s suit vests of the fashion business. 

Knitwear vests and knitted gilets are another completely different type of men’s vest that serves a more aesthetic purpose nowadays. Modern designs and explorations of knitwear and wool have made for this sporty, classically English piece of attire to lose its strictly formal conventions and gain traction as a piece of streetwear. Moderns designs by brands like Jacquemus, Prada, Golden Goose and other brands with men’s vests and men’s suit vest are usually available at Ottodisanpietro to offer you one of the most varied piece of the 21st century.

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