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Moncler Women's down outerwear

Raie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacket
Sale price1.350 €
Lans down jacketLans down jacketLans down jacketLans down jacketLans down jacket
Sale price820 €
Dalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacketDalles puffer jacket
Sale price1.250 €
Dalles padded jacketDalles padded jacketDalles padded jacketDalles padded jacketDalles padded jacket
Sale price1.250 €
Acamante jacketAcamante jacketAcamante jacketAcamante jacket
Sale price1.190 €

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Moncler women's down jackets are the standout pieces of the brand, and among the most celebrated outerwear items in the world of fashion. Their unmistakable monochromatic design, quilted panels, and adorned with the distinctive patch on the left arm, make them highly coveted pieces.

Moncler women's quilted jackets are timeless and enduring additions to the modern wardrobe. Their futuristic design is legendary, following the brand's ethos of technological innovation. Their campaigns embody this avant-garde philosophy, keeping them at the forefront of technical apparel and luxury since the 1950s.

What does the name Moncler mean?

The name of the brand comes from its place of origin. René Ramilon and André Vincent founded their renowned winter clothing company in Monastier-de-Clermont (Mon-Cler), a small mountain village in France. Interestingly, their most technical line of winter sports clothing was named Moncler Grenoble. Grenoble is the name of the most important city in the Alps for winter sports, serving as a hub for many sporting activities.

How to wear Moncler down jackets?

Moncler quilted jackets are functional and timeless garments. With a long history in luxury fashion, Moncler has set a legendary standard of quality across the industry. Their exclusive collections of Moncler women's down jackets prove that highly technical clothing can be a wearable style item for everyday life.

The designs of these jackets can be easily combined throughout different months of the year. Their futuristic flair and mostly monochromatic designs make them highly versatile, fitting seamlessly with styles ranging from simple to urban streetwear-inspired.

The down filling in these jackets undergoes rigorous procedures to ensure animal and labor welfare. Among them, traceability policies (among the first in effect in the sector) support the brand's innovative and forward-thinking vision. The seams, made with highly resistant threads, prevent long-term deterioration of these jackets.

Without a doubt, Moncler women's down jackets are ideal additions to our wardrobes. Their unmistakable style, enduring quality, and timeless design make them long-lasting companions and prized pieces in our closets.