Moncler Women's knitwear


As one of the leading brands in luxury outerwear, Moncler womenswear lines release exclusive knitwear collections every season. Its aesthetic turns the practical into a contemporary must-have. Moncler knitwear often features variations of its own icons, from its glossy polyamide panels to quilting and an internationally recognizable logo.

Moncler women's jumpers strike a perfect balance between the house's classic style, functionality, and luxury design. Each piece of Moncler knitwear is a result of exhaustive production, designed to keep warmth and enhance the elegance and sophistication of the wearer. The selection at OTTODISANPIETRO of Moncler cardigans and sweaters is a showcase of the excellence of a house specialised in winter fashion.

Where is Moncler knitwear manufactured?

Moncler pieces are entirely crafted in Europe. Their selected materials are an ode to their history of quality. Cashmere, technical polyamide, cotton, and merino wool caress the customer's skin with luxurious softness. Technical fabrics like nylon and polyamide serve various functions in these pieces. The former provides high durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The latter ensures the impeccable finishes for which the brand is known.

Moncler women's jumpers are a blend of their classic style and contemporary textile and technological advances. Details like ultra-soft high necks and perfected zippers make each jersey a timeless piece. Their cuts and silhouettes can be either fitted or straight, depending on the length and occasion they are intended for.

The colour palette is one of neutral and timeless tones, ranging from dark shades like chocolate brown and black to lighter tones like beige. Occasionally, their selections include pops of colour in blues, purples, fuchsias, and greens.

Moncler women's jumpers are functional pieces to treasure in our wardrobe. For those who love winter destinations, or simply adore a warm yet fashionable ensemble, Moncler is a perfect brand.
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