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The History of Women's Designer Bags

The History of Women's Designer Bags

It's hard to think about fashion without picturing a magnificent designer handbag. Women's designer handbags have been with us for centuries, gradually becoming a symbol of status. Major fashion h...

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New Men's Designer Brands

New Men's Designer Brands

Just before the opening of our women’s store at Juana de Vega, 6 (A Coruña), our second store welcomed new men’s designer brands. These names encapsulate an undeniable fact in recent fashion tren...

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Bottega Veneta bags: Living legends of craftsmanship

Bottega Veneta bags: Living legends of craftsmanship

When Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro founded Bottega Veneta in 1966, launching it the following year, they had a clear vision: to make craftsmanship their brand's hallmark. Over 50 years later, ...

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The style of an unforgettable day

The choice of wedding attire for women, especially for the bride and bridesmaids, is a significant step in preparing for the most special day. Women's wedding outfits evoke the image of grand elegant dresses and meticulous lace details, capturing the essence of sophistication for the bridal occasion. From dresses that tell fairy-tale stories to pieces reflecting the evolution of women's fashion, selecting wedding clothing for women (the perfect ensemble) is an emotionally charged journey.

The choice of wedding guest clothing is a manifestation of personal style and elegance, marking a memorable chapter in the history of women's fashion. Classic dresses and silhouettes are the clear stars of the event, now adorned with the most contemporary trends. Wedding guest dresses and elegant wedding dresses has undergone a fascinating evolution.

Sophistication at every step: outfits for unforgettable moments

From majestic dresses of yesteryear, complete with corsets and drama, to modern designs defining the present, wedding fashion has told stories over time. Brands like Victoria Beckham, Self Portrait, and Safiyaa all display a special sensibility that yearns for classic femininity.

In the 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent introduced a milestone for women's fashion: the women's suit. With this, elegant women's attire for weddings took on a whole new meaning. While it took some time for the women's suit to make its way into weddings, it is now more common to see women getting married in suits. Sophistication in elegant wedding guest dresses lies in the expression of personal style. Each piece carries the promise of an unforgettable day.

Other brands defining elegant women's attire for weddings

Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and The Row explore three different aspects of women's dresses. The Saint Laurent woman is mysterious and sensual, with a confident look that conceals wisdom amid the mist of the Parisian night. Bottega Veneta dresses embody pure Mediterranean sensuality, showcasing luxury made in Italy. The Row explores the sculptural and conceptual, with silhouettes that captivate brides and wedding guests worldwide.

Women's shoes for weddings: an infallible ally

Brands like Aquazzura, Bottega Veneta, or Isabel Marant have accompanied many of our brides. Bridal attire or wedding dresses for women is a market we have explored from the beginning, through the elegance of women's dresses and men's wedding suits.

More and more brides and guests, and even bridesmaids, choose to step outside traditional lines and seek fresh designs. Unexplored colours. Expressive silhouettes. Thus, at OTTODISANPIETRO, we have an exclusive range of pieces for a variety of tastes, from the most classic to those who decide to break away from the norm.