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Max Mara Women

Max Mara Women

Epitome of Italian quality and design, Max Mara's ultra-minimalism styling and luxurious fabrics define the family-owned House, which continues to produce in its Italian factory. Knitted pieces and cashmere coats are some of Max Mara signature styles, recognized for exceptional manufacture.

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Max Mara Women

Baleari dressBaleari dressBaleari dressBaleari dress
Sale price£1,470.00
Hangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousers
Sale price£400.00
Navigli trousersNavigli trousersNavigli trousersNavigli trousers
Sale price£370.00
Angelo jumperAngelo jumperAngelo jumperAngelo jumper
Sale price£430.00
Angelo sweaterAngelo sweaterAngelo sweater
Sale price£440.00
Segale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousers
Sale price£830.00
Freccia jumperFreccia jumperFreccia jumperFreccia jumper
Sale price£625.00
Katanga CardiganKatanga CardiganKatanga CardiganKatanga Cardigan
Sale price£10.00
Vertigo ShirtVertigo ShirtVertigo ShirtVertigo Shirt
Sale price£515.00
Segnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeans
Sale price£380.00
Casarsa jumperCasarsa jumper
Sale price£258.00 Regular price£430.00
Casarsa jumperCasarsa jumperCasarsa jumperCasarsa jumper
Sale price£258.00 Regular price£430.00
Mira trousersMira trousersMira trousersMira trousers
Sale price£270.00 Regular price£450.00
Mendoza trousersMendoza trousersMendoza trousersMendoza trousers
Sale price£238.80 Regular price£398.00
Show topShow topShow topShow topShow top
Sale price£265.00
Cottonci ParkaCottonci ParkaCottonci ParkaCottonci Parka
Sale price£495.00 Regular price£825.00