Bottega Veneta Women's dresses

Bottega Veneta

Textured cotton dress

2.100 €

Bottega Veneta

Viscose And Linen Dress

2.500 €

Bottega Veneta

V-neck dress

1.800 €

Bottega Veneta

Fluid Satin Dress

1.850 €


Bottega Veneta dresses drape the female form in the most exhaustive artisanal tradition. Their colours, patterns, shapes, and fabric explorations delve into the connection between masterful craftsmanship and the most modern and timeless forms of attire.

The supreme elegance of these Bottega Veneta dresses is legendary. With captivating minimalism, these silhouettes embrace the female body, showcasing new ways to empower oneself. The already iconic Venetian house, born in 1966 (Vicenza, Italy), has conquered the world of high fashion with its distinctive approach to clothing. Within this lies meticulous attention to detail. Bottega Veneta dresses are celebrated for their impeccable cuts and falls, displaying the most sophisticated silhouettes that enhance femininity with timeless simplicity.

What a Bottega Veneta dress is like

Beneath the apparent simplicity of the house lies a wealth of design and fabric research. The house stands out for its masterful use of luxurious fabrics in new forms, accompanied by exquisite textures. Among fluid silks and luxurious muslins, cottons, and leathers, each dress is elevated as a work of art. The colour palette typically includes neutral and subtle tones, with occasional visits of vibrant accents, whether in monochromatic tones or bursts of shades.

Bottega Veneta dresses are diverse and highly versatile, effortlessly adapting to a wide range of occasions. From formal events and galas to more casual and relaxed gatherings. Their designs easily suit any setting. Bottega Veneta opts for polished timelessness, always accompanied by calculated maximalist features that can be elevated with the house's jewellery.

There is no doubt that Bottega Veneta has been one of the defining fashion houses of the 21st century. With consistent work and philosophy from the outset, the brand has perfectly fused Italy's artisanal tradition with the most modern global innovation. This results in pieces like dresses that appear classic but bear strong modern and avant-garde touches. These dresses are timeless, resisting the volatile fashion trends and remaining as collectible pieces in the realm of luxury.

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