Bottega Veneta Women's t-shirts


A Bottega Veneta t-shirt is the perfect example that an apparently basic garment can attain a level of artisanal craftsmanship. In line with the spirit of the house, the Bottega Veneta t-shirt is crafted with the most advanced textile knowledge, the most exclusive quality, and the most traditional processes.

Bottega Veneta, or 'Venetian boutique’ in English, originates from a project to demonstrate that craftsmanship is the secret of luxury. With this, its founders in 1966 embarked on innovation to elevate handwork to new levels within ready-to-wear. In the 80s, Bottega Veneta was already an established name supported by cultural figures. Between Andy Warhol, who undertook videography projects for the house, and Jacqueline Kennedy; the house experienced phases of peak popularity that now reaches its highest splendour.

The 2020s have been the decade of the house's greatest expansion. The work of Tomas Maier was essential for the house, leading its design from 2001 to 2018. That year, Daniel Lee joined the KERING maison after a successful career in other firms. With a new strategy and calculated maximalism, Bottega Veneta transformed into a youthful brand that lives its philosophy through the absence of logos.

Lee introduced symbols such as the triangle (representing the V of Veneta) included in many accessories and handbags. The Bottega green (or parakeet green) was also enjoyed, becoming an emblem of the brand. In 2021, Matthieu Blazy takes over from Daniel Lee and continued his astounding expansion work with the brand.

How to style a Bottega Veneta women's t-shirt

Bottega Veneta women's t-shirts have a wide range of designs. Their timeless models, true to the essence of the brand, are easy to incorporate into casual and office outfits alike.

The exclusive quality of Bottega Veneta fabrics and their meticulous pattern-making guarantees a flawless fit in these pieces, where quality is perceived in every millimeter of the garment.

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